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Dress up Princess MOD APK (Gold Coins) for Android

Get ready to bask in sheer beauty and cuteness in this adorable mobile title of Cat Diary: Dress Up Princess from Dream Tap.

an introduction

For those of you who are interested in experiencing the ultimate beauty and enjoying great playing with cats, Cat Diary: Dress Up Princess is definitely a great mobile title. Enjoy playing the exciting cat and princess fusion game on any of your mobile devices, where you can enjoy both modes to the fullest.

Explore the cat diaries and try to incorporate the cutest cats into the game. Immerse yourself in the adorable cat game where you get chances to collect the most adorable cats and combine them to fill your cat book with new species. Have absolute fun playing this addictive game as a cat lover while also enjoying the fashion elements in dress up modes.

Find out more about this great mobile title from Dream Tap and all its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

Story and gameplay

Here in Cat Diary: Dress up Princess, Android players will have the perfect mobile title for cat fun and fashion game. Just dive into the mobile title to enjoy all-new dress-up challenges with cute outfits that you can wear on your characters and kittens. All the while still enjoying the addictive fusion game on the go.

Complete your amazing collection of cute and adorable cats of various kinds. Explore the amazing merge game with simple mechanics and fun interactions. Also enjoy the idle tapping game to enjoy the game with little hassle. Start and plant a cat tree to show different types of cats.

At the same time, you also find yourself enjoying the exciting dress-up game with all kinds of dresses, accessories and costumes, which you can easily wear on your characters. Discover the different dresses and their exclusive makeup game. All this will allow beauty lovers to have the most wonderful experiences.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Click or shop for new cats

Here in Cat Diary: Dress Up Princess, players can simply tap on the cage to release new kittens for their cat tree. Or enter the store so you can pick up different cats by paying for them. Have absolute fun with the cat merging game as you search for new cats that come in different shapes and interactions. With more than 100 cute cats, you will always find yourself enjoying the game at every level.

Enjoy merging and unlocking cute cats

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy merging and unlocking many adorable cats in Cat Diary: Dress Up Princess, using simple merging mechanics. You have no problems opening the new kittens out of the cage and merging them together to form new kittens. Put your cat friends on the cat tree and keep looking for new cats. Explore a total of 2048 fusion levels, which will always keep you connected to the game.

Fill your cat book with amazing animals

Keep filling your cat book with cute kittens and kittens of different types and unique appearances. Find yourself fully entertained with this wonderful cat diary game of dress up and blend in. Complete the achievements in your cat book and unlock great rewards as you advance in the game.

Unlock various Nijmegen style characters

And for those of you who are interested, you can now explore various characters in Nijmegen style, each with its own stunning visuals and cool costumes. Always have access to your beautiful characters, as it allows you to enjoy the exciting fashion game and dress up the queens a lot. Choose any character to display in your cat’s home and start designing her clothes to match the environments.

Feel free to dress up and customize your characters

Speaking of which, Cat Diary: Dress up Princess allows Android players to dress up and customize your characters however you want. Get started with more than 5,000 different items of clothing, accessories, outfits, dresses and hairstyles, which will allow you to freely customize the character’s appearance.

You also get access to the in-depth and intuitive face editor, where you can now change the eyes, nose, lips, face shapes, and other facial elements of your characters. Thus, allowing them to look absolutely stunning.

Cool chibi cat clothes to explore

Meanwhile, your lovely cats can also try on various adorable chibi cat costumes, each of which allows them to look absolutely stunning and adorable at the same time. Try on exclusive clothes for certain cats and always let them look even more adorable.

Take advantage of many promotions

And for those who are interested, you can now try out the various upgrades in the game. Take advantage of cage upgrades so you can get better cats when you open new cages. Use heart upgrades so you can earn more hearts when you complete challenges. And the list goes on. All of this will allow you to stay relevant as the game progresses.

Simple yet relaxing and satisfying gameplay

With Cat Diary: Dress up Princess, Android players will have the perfect mobile address to relax and dive into your favorite activities, which is to watch cute cats and have fun decorating your characters. As the game is absolutely no-brainer and offers many relaxing effects, Cat Diary: Dress up Princess should always be the best choice when it comes to satisfying gameplay.

Enjoy playing the game with idle mechanics

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy playing Cat Diary: Dress up Princess game without any hassles, thanks to its idle mechanics. Simply enter the game and let the cats automatically generate income from their cuteness. Or you can leave the game completely and come back for the idle income. Thus, it allows you to enjoy Cat Diary: Dress Up Princess without being in the game.

Get your daily rewards for free

And for those who are interested, you can now get many great daily rewards absolutely for free. Just enter the game and immediately enjoy many cool gifts, which you can pick up without doing anything. Just remember to be back in the game for some extra rewards in the next few days.

Sign in to unlock better features

To unlock more in-game features, players of Cat Diary: Dress up Princess can choose to sign in to their social and Google Play service accounts. This will enable online saves and syncs, allowing you to enjoy the game Cat Diary: Dress up Princess without any hassles. In addition, through the linked account, you can also unlock better daily rewards in the game.

Enjoy the offline game

To make the game easier to access, Cat Diary: Dress up Princess also offers many offline features for players to enjoy without having to turn on the internet. Now, it is possible to enjoy addictive cat merging and dress up adventures without having to turn on mobile data or search for available Wi-Fi networks.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features, Cat Diary: Dress up Princess is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. Simply enter the game and start taking advantage of its many features as you progress. However, since it’s still a free title, there will be ads and in-game purchases that annoy you a bit.

Get our mods for free

Speaking of which, if you want to unlock the full game of Cat Diary: Dress Up Princess without having to pay for it, you may want to consider the mod version of the game on our website instead. Here, we provide free premium mobile title with ads removed and unlimited features. All it takes is to download a file Cat Diary: Princess Dress Up Game Mod APKThen follow the given instructions to start enjoying its many features.

Picture and sound quality


Similar to My Talking Angela, Cat Diary: Dress up Princess provides players with cute cat designs and cute cat animations. Hence, allowing cat lovers to always immerse themselves in feline experiences. In addition, the beautiful and cool gameplay also provides amazing visuals and effects of the game. You will always find yourself more relaxed and satisfied with the beautiful graphics and visuals within the game. Not to mention that the indulgent game also enables smooth and satisfying experiences on all your mobile devices.

sound and music

Along with the stunning graphics, the game also allows Android players to enjoy their gameplay a lot more, thanks to the cool cat sounds, great sound effects, and immersive background tracks. All this will make Cat Diary: Princess Dress-up more fun and interesting.

last thoughts

Get ready to enjoy this amazing game of Cat Diary: Dress up Princess, as it allows mobile players to enjoy the ultimate in amazing cat merging adventures. Feel free to join the lovely cats in their built-in gameplay. Also, enjoy this addictive and satisfying fashion game.

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