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Dream League Soccer 2022 MOD APK v9.14 (MENU MOD) for Android

For those of you who are interested in the sport of football, you will surely find this great mobile game Dream league soccer 2022 To be everything you want in a mobile game, and more. Have fun as you join your favorite soccer players and your team in exciting soccer matches with the best teams in the game.

Compete in many different tournaments with different opponents. Win against other teams as you advance to the top of the table, and stay there until the end of the season as you find yourself being promoted to the top leagues. Collect special rewards as you do in the Leagues and gain access to more advanced encounters.

Find out more about this great mobile game from First Touch Games Ltd with our reviews.

a story

Have fun as you dive into this amazing and fun soccer game in Dream League Soccer 2022. Create your own team and make all kinds of customizations on it from changing the name, logo, uniform, ball and even changing your stadium.

When you start, you will find yourself getting to know your own football team. Here, you will have access to a random group of players mostly unknown characters. Begin your journey as you take your players through exciting matches against your opponents. Earn them as you make your way up the competition table.

Stay on top for the rest of the season and earn the right to upgrade. As you play in the new leagues, you will also receive better rewards after each match and when you win trophies. Progress in the game to earn better money in each game and get more interesting features.

And thanks to the money raised, you will find that you have a lot of things to do with your team. Start upgrading your stadium to enjoy more visitors and earn better money after every match. After that, you can also consider improving your team with better players and, of course, a higher salary. Work hard and find yourself running a big club with world class players as you go.

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Here you will find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Create your dream soccer team with the best players

To get you started, players in Dream League Soccer 2022 will find themselves with access to a fun and exciting soccer game where you can create your dream team. You have a soccer club present in Dream League Soccer 2020 with your name on it. Register your favorite players when completing mega transfers. Develop your players, adjust tactics, and perfect your playing styles as you dive into exciting soccer matches. Compete in the major leagues and play the game with online players, and have fun in the legendary division. Write your name in the Hall of Fame with your ultimate dream team.

Realistic soccer players with the appropriate FIFPro licenses

And to make the game even more interesting, players in Dream League Soccer 2022 will also find themselves with access to a huge pool of players. With over 3,500 FIFPro™ licensed players, you’ll find yourself playing with Ronaldo, Messi, Virgil van Derk, Neymar, Hazard, Sterling and many more famous players. Correctly update and upgrade their stats and images in this version of the game. Feel free to collect all your favorite football players in the game and put them in your squad when you are ready for the next match.

Dream League Soccer 2020 screenshot 2

In-depth club management with incredible features

Moreover, as the owner and manager of the club, the players will find themselves in control of many aspects of their club. Start training your players, give them the right training, adjust your tactics during or before a match, and most importantly, turn individual players into a powerful team.

Additionally, you can also assign coaches to boost their stats with a variety of workouts. Recruit agents and scouts so they can help you find new players in the transfer market. Work hard and bring to the club some of the most important contracts.

And last but not least, for those of you who are interested, you can dive deep into the different aspects of running a club. Start by building and upgrading your stadium, improving medical infrastructure, increasing income through commercial upgrades, enhancing training results by purchasing new equipment, etc.

Better version of Dream League Soccer

Those who have already played previous versions of Dream League Soccer will surely find this new version very interesting and interesting. Here, you will be able to access the upgraded version of the game with many interesting features and improvements.

Now, every movement of the players will look and feel more realistic thanks to the 3D motion capture mechanics. Enjoy playing the game with amazing and immersive strikes, interventions, celebrations, etc.

Moreover, with the improvement of artificial intelligence, the matches will be more fun and interesting as you participate in a great football game. In addition, the realistic physics and amazing animations will make the game very aesthetic.

Dream League Soccer 2020 screenshot 3

Feel free to customize your club and players

And for those who are interested, it is also possible to customize your clubs, players and even the coach for free. Start by changing your team’s kit with new colors and designs, putting in new logos, and creating a new group. Feel free to customize your manager with in-depth details. Change your profiles, outfits, hairstyles, etc. Make your whole team look good as you win titles with patterns.

Take on a series of exciting soccer challenges

In Dream League Soccer 2022, players will find themselves enjoying access to exciting soccer gameplay as they take on a series of exciting soccer challenges. Feel free to compete in 8 different divisions and 10 interesting club tournaments. Win against your opponents and advance to more difficult confrontations. And with reasonable difficulties in each stage, you will definitely find the game more interesting and enjoyable.

An exciting multiplayer game to enjoy with friends and online players

Plus, for those of you who are interested, you can always find yourself competing in exciting online matches. Here, you can join friends and players online in a variety of epic soccer challenges. Complete through the ranks as you play against real players. Win against your opponents to enjoy some great rewards.

And for those who are interested, the game also features exciting PvP action with friends, in which you can take advantage of the local connection instead. However, there is no need to waste your mobile data as you can still enjoy multiplayer whenever you want.

Dream League Soccer 2020 screenshot 4

Fun events to explore and experience

Moreover, you can also enjoy exciting gameplay in a variety of exciting in-game events. Compete and win great prizes as you advance in the game. Most importantly, with each event, you will also have access to completely refreshing gameplay. Enjoy your exciting gameplay through a variety of different events and have fun.

free to play

And despite having all these great features, the game is currently available for free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. However, you can download and install the game from the Google Play Store absolutely for free. In addition, it is also possible to enjoy the game from our website, which enables many additional interesting features for players on Android. just go to Dream League Soccer 2022 Mod APK file on our website.

Picture and sound quality


Find yourself completely addicted to this amazing soccer game with realistic graphics, great visuals and in-depth designs. They are all combined to make the game look and feel more realistic and connected to the eyes. In addition, the adjustable graphics will also ensure that you can enjoy your in-game experiences to the fullest without being bothered by lags or stuttering.

sound / music

And to make the game even more intuitive and fun, players in Dream League Soccer 2022 will also find themselves having access to great soccer gameplay thanks to the immersive sound effects and fun soundtrack. Immerse yourself in epic confrontations with your opponents and feel free to enjoy exciting match commentary, realistic sound effects, and atmospheric environments.

In addition, with the huge soundtrack library, you will never find yourself bored in Dream League Soccer 2022. Feel free to enjoy epic songs from The Luka State, Sunset Sons, Vistas, etc.

Download Dream League Soccer 2022 Mod latest 9.14 Android APK

Fans of the popular eFootball PES, FIFA Soccer, and a few other similar games will surely find this new game from Dream League Soccer 2022 interesting. Enjoy playing this immersive and in-depth soccer game as you dive into exciting matches, club management, etc. And most importantly, install the game on your mobile devices absolutely for free.

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