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Dragon Ball: The Breakers: How to Unlock All New Free Characters

Dragon Ball: The Breakers He’s adding some fire to the beta by introducing two new iconic characters from the beloved Dragonball series.

Cutters have a summon side to them that gives you items and summons like the characters from Dragonball. If you are a fan of Dragonball, then you must know everything about this upcoming game.

This guide will introduce you and teach you how to unlock the two new characters that the game has added in its latest update

How to unlock new free characters

Once logged in, go to the bot message to Select the message box. You will receive last minute trial participation rewards such as TP Tokens and Super warrior Spirits.

You will also get tickets to unlock new characters. The two new characters in this update are johan And the Trunks.

To summon them, you have to go to Soul siphon. It’s a guaranteed drop if you get the ticket, so don’t worry about losing your checkout. However, to unlock it you must summon it Shenron.

Summoning them allows players to “become the character”. They both embody their skills and sometimes their looks.

Summon Gohan to use nimbus cloud It improves your movement. Meanwhile, Trunks will summon a sliding This is similar to the Fortnite chip.

Gohan and Trunks are both 4 stars So make sure you enjoy it as soon as you call it up.

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