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Dollify Pro Mod APK 1.3.9 (Premium unlocked) Free Download

In recent years, many avatar creation apps have appeared. The trend seems to continue year after year as more and more people are using these apps for their social media accounts! And who will not use it, you can literally recreate your face through the application.


Dollify is an avatar maker app that has seen 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Created by Dave XP, this app is one of the best out there when it comes to creating cute avatars. Here, there are 14 different categories. This means that you can create thousands of combinations to create the avatar you want. Apart from that, you can create tons of avatars for your family, friends and followers!

Create an avatar

There are millions of applications currently available. This is why we’ve been busy with our phones for years now. Add that to social media and you’re down the internet rabbit hole! But even with so many apps available, did you know that you can make a cute doll version of yourself with one?

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If you don’t know it yet, meet Dollify. This app is exactly what it sounds like – turning you into a puppet. Here, you can customize different parts of your body like hair, eyes, costumes, accessories and many more! It sounds so simple yet so addictive that millions of people around the world have given up creating countless avatars! What are you waiting for, create your own avatar now!

Dollify Features

Dollify is an interesting app that allows users to customize their dolls to look like themselves or anyone else! There are a lot of combos you can do here. Here are the features:

interesting application – There are many applications now available in the Google Play Store. Some are games while some allow us to connect with our friends and family. But there are others who remove stress in our daily lives. One of these apps is called Dollify. The good thing about this app is that it does exactly what it sounds like! Here, you can create and customize dolls the way you want. It sounds easy but we couldn’t do it years ago. The technology we have today makes all this possible!


Customize 14 different categories – In this great app you can customize 14 different categories! This includes looks, hairstyle, eyes, skin, lips, head, accessories, and many more! What’s even greater is that you can choose from a myriad of different designs to suit your needs. For further customization, you can choose the color of the things you want. Apart from that, you can change the background and enjoy a variety of scenes for your creations. There are so many different combinations that you can enjoy that there isn’t enough time to cover them all!

Create countless avatars – Here, you can only create up to 6 characters for the free account. But if you buy the premium version, you can create countless avatars! You can also access as many customizations as you want beyond the free account. In general, even in the free account, you can enjoy a lot of combinations that you can use to create your family members and friends.

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Easy controls and user interface – What makes this app even better is the realistic graphics! Combine that with the simple user interface and you will have a smooth application experience. Everything here is simple so even beginners can start creating after downloading the app.

Dollify Mod APK – Premium Unlocked

Dollify is an amazing avatar maker app that allows you to create endless combinations of characters! Download the latest version and create yourself as a doll now!

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