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Coral Island: Crows Be Gone Quest Guide


A new farming sim has arrived! Coral Island allows the player to experience how to live in farming along with coral reefs.

Your main objectives here, as in a normal farming game, are to grow your crops, take care of animals, renovate your territories, and live in harmony with everyone on the island.

However, there will always be something to spoil your plans – crows!

These crows will come to your farm to steal the crops you grow. Having said that, you will receive a side quest in the story called crows disappear.

This guide will help you to successfully finish the mission of maintaining peace on your island.

Guide to research crows on Coral Island

Source: tasks

side quest crows disappear It will be one of the first tasks that you will have to do when you start the game. To check it out, go to Search tab and you’ll see this in a file side category.

In the task description, you will get a hint about what you need to do. And since you are going to throw crows, all you have to do is do it Make a makeshift scarecrow.

Source: tasks

Start by gathering the materials needed to make a scarecrow. Requires 15 pieces of wood and 10 pieces of waste.

You can cut down trees and stumps to collect timber. In one tree you can have up to x19 wood. For litter, you just have to look around for litter. You can collect these using a pickaxe.

When you have already collected enough required materials, go to editing Tab and look for a temporary scarecrow. Once you see it, drag it to a file back bag.

So easy, you’re done crows disappear Side quest and you can get 100 Coins Bonus.

Make sure to place the scarecrow near your crops, so the crows don’t try to steal any of them.

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