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Clue MOD APK 2.9.2 (Unlimited Money) for Android

The idea It is a popular detective game that takes place in the Tudor Hall with the game board divided into nine different rooms. Each player represents a character as a guest in the house. In fact, after the death of the elderly owner, Sir Hugh Black, his nephew, Dr. Black, discovered strange things about his deceased uncle and was killed by the stroke of his thirtieth birthday.

Frustrates dorm rooms. Each investigator must carefully examine each of these persons, looking for clues that lead to a judgment. What is a crime scene? What was the murder weapon used by the killer?

And what is the chief suspect among the beautiful manipulator Miss Scarlett, the brilliant Dr. Orchid, the Reverend Green, the thoughtful Professor Bloom, the enigmatic Countess Peacock, the narcissistic Colonel Mustard, and the playboy Reverend Green? The winner will be the investigator who will give the exact sentence before the others by answering the three questions.

Players take on the role of suspects trying to solve the murder. The answer requires three components of the offender, the weapon, and the room in which the crime took place. Clue is one of the most famous games in the world. You will take on the role of a young detective and be the first to find out who committed the murder.

general information

The press release also stated that the option to play with friends and family on a single screen was the most requested feature at the time of the game’s release. But it wasn’t because of the need to hide secret clues and notes from other players. To solve this problem, the game not only supports local multiplayer but has made a unique mobile app called Clue. It is free on both iOS and Android.

The Clue is a historical detective game that takes you directly to the crime scene in the Tudor Mansion where Doctor Black was murdered. Players will dispute their hypotheses until a clear indictment is issued. It will explain to the competitors the culprit, the location of the crime and the weapon that was used to carry out the heinous murder.

You move inside Dr. Black’s abode by rolling my dice and progressing through as many squares as the dice says. Who is the best detective in your room? Sure, you can find out when you play Clue on your mobile phone. There is only one minor problem which is the lack of local multiplayer. They made an update in the console versions of the game, which added to this mode very curiously.

Preparation of investigations: 5 stages

  1. Place all weapons and character counters in the center of the game featuring the Tudor mansion. There are fewer than six investigators involved in the investigation. Each detective chooses a character from the list of suspects to use his corresponding pawn. Then go to Samuel Black’s dorm and check in.
  2. In the game, players will divide black Clue cards into three decks of weapons, suspects, and rooms. Carefully alternate each set separately from the other and place it upside down on the board.

Without looking at them and without showing them to any of the other detectives, take the top card of each of the three decks and place it in the yellow crime envelope. These are exactly the culprit in the murder, the weapon that was used, and the room in which the crime took place. Then place the kill envelope next to the board.

  1. Form the three groups of black Clue cards again into one group and shuffle them. Hand out all the cards to the investigators one at a time and always face down. Therefore, each player has the same number of cards. Every detective must keep their cards confidential.

If the exact black cards cannot be divided between the investigators involved in the investigation, place the remaining two or three cards face up next to the Tudor Mansion board.

  1. Give each investigator a tip sheet from the investigator’s notebook and a pen that is not in the box. Keep your paper away from prying eyes. Without being seen by the other detectives, each detective must make a note on his evidence sheet of the Clue black cards he received during the distribution. Also check any remaining cards placed next to the board face up.

All these cards are not in the yellow envelope of the offense. Therefore, the people, things and places in which they appear have nothing to do with the murder. In the continuation of the investigation, you will once see the cards of the other investigators. On each of these occasions, you can write it down on your clue sheet. By not being in the crime envelope, they can’t be implicated in the murder.

  1. Finally, randomly arrange the red award cards and place this deck next to the board to make extra moves or profitable actions during the investigation. If you prefer to investigate according to the original Clue rules, return the red cards in the box.

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last words

MOD APK Guide It is a board game created by Waddington Games in 1948. It was created by English lawyer Anthony Pratt. Clue is marketed by Hasbro, which acquires the rights to the game from Parker Brothers. The game is based on a board representing the Tudor Hall, divided into nine different rooms.

Don’t worry if the task seems complicated. The idea is a very simple investigation that needs to be done. But if you haven’t been dealing with alleged killers, weapons and mysterious chambers for some time, read the basic rules of investigation.

For victory, solve the murder mystery. He will be the first detective to discover the suspect’s cards, which weapon and which room are contained in the yellow envelope of the crime.

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