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Chaos Road MOD APK 5.1.0 (Damage Multiplier) for Android

Are you looking for your ultimate mobile gameplay of a top-down race that can offer you fast action and exciting chases? Are you expecting a simple yet extremely fun and addictive mobile game that you can simply set and start playing on the go? Then you will definitely find Chaos Road: Combat Racing a great title to have on your Android devices.

Get ready to experience the best street racing and action games on your mobile devices, thanks to the combination of fighting and racing mechanics in this great title from Zeeppo Games. Explore cool cars with awesome weapons and incredible firepowers. Unlock epic roads where you can face multiple enemies and fully enjoy horse riding. Advance through the many levels and endless challenges so you don’t find yourself getting bored with the game.

Learn more about this interesting mobile title of Chaos Road: Combat Racing and all its interesting features with our zip reviews.


Here in Chaos Road: Combat Racing, Android players will find themselves caught up in an epic hunt against the roaming criminals terrorizing your city. Get ready for epic in-game challenges, which will take you through many epic paths, where you can compete against the most notorious criminals in the city. Unlock awesome combat vehicles and defeat your enemies to bring peace to the city.

Enjoy the simple, yet very fun and addictive gameplay of top-down racing stunts, where you can chase various gangs and bosses through amazing street roads. Explore the many upgrades and improvements that you can make to your vehicle to have more fun playing the game. Enjoy access to simple and intuitive touch controls that will make the game accessible to all players. Fight the escalating levels within the game so you don’t find yourself getting bored in Chaos Road: Combat Racing. And the list goes on.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Intuitive gameplay and touch controls

Simple and intuitive swipe controls and automatic shooting mechanics will allow Android players to enjoy action gameplay with ease. All you need is to touch and drag the screen to move your vehicle and change the aim accordingly. Take advantage of customizable sensitivity settings so you can always enjoy your in-game actions with your own personal experiences.

Fantastic vehicles with many upgrades to work with

Showcasing many cool vehicles from different classes that can rival the likes of RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme, the game allows Android players to have more fun with their street action. You find yourself collecting and unlocking better cars that offer more damage, mayhem, and better armor, which will come in handy when battling the constant waves of enemies. Always target the best classes of combat vehicles in the game and unlock those higher levels so that you can have the ultimate enjoyment of playing the action racing title. And do not forget to take advantage of a lot of unique and powerful upgrades from the game, which will allow you to enjoy the title of combat racing to the fullest.

Collect powerful drones to help you with your challenges

With many cool drones appearing in the game, Chaos Road: Combat Racing players will have more aid when fighting against the criminals and mafia gangs in the city. Take advantage of the various drones you can own and unlock their unique abilities to give you advantages when battling enemies. Various attributes and enhancements from your drones can be really useful when you are fighting certain enemies. Choose the best drones for each opponent to ensure your chances of winning.

Many power ups to utilize

Meanwhile, the game will provide many cool boosts, which you can pick up and make use of at any time while riding. Get a super shot to boost your car’s launch power. Unlock the instant healing factor to save yourself from a meltdown. Enable magnets to easily collect boosts and other bonuses while driving. And the list goes on. Make use of your various powers and make full use of their various attributes to turn the tide of battles.

Exciting story mode with many cool missions

Offering a captivating story mode where players can enjoy their epic journeys to defeat the mafia and mobs that are terrorizing the city, Chaos Road: Combat Racing will always find their adventures exciting and fun. In addition to this, the many cool missions with many modes of play and objectives will ensure that you will not find the game boring at all.

Epic gang chases and boss fights

With epic gang chases and amazing boss fights, featuring many enemies, each with their own unique firepower and fighting mechanics, Chaos Road: Combat Racing players will always find themselves completely addicted to the action. Enjoy the escalating challenges as you progress through the levels. And experience various in-game mechanics that will definitely make Chaos Road: Combat Racing a lot of fun.

Compete with others in the ranking system

Get ready to enjoy the great ranking system of Chaos Road: Combat Racing, which will allow you to enjoy your in-game actions a lot. Here, mobile players are introduced to exciting local and global leaderboards where they can compete with friends and online players from all over the world. Win the battles and earn the highest score in each level to rank yourself among the best players. Earn great rewards and bragging rights in Chaos Road: Combat Racing.

Get your free daily rewards

With many free daily rewards that you can get easily without having to do anything, players in Chaos Road: Combat Racing can enjoy the game much more. Simply come back to the game every day to collect your rewards and stack them up for the big prizes this weekend.

Never lose your progress in the game

Players in Chaos Road: Combat Racing can now choose to link the game to their Google Play Games account, which will enable the convenient cloud save feature. Thus, allowing players to enjoy the game with complete peace of mind. Now, you can easily restore your data whenever you move to a new device or delete the game by mistake.

Available for online and offline games

With the offline gaming features of Chaos Road: Combat Racing now available to all mobile game players, you can always enjoy the game without internet. There is no need to search for active networks or to turn on your mobile data when you are abroad, just to play the game.

Offers many language options

With many language options available to players on mobile devices, apart from the default English language, Chaos Road: Combat Racing will offer you its accessible gameplay. Choose from English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, German, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and many more to enjoy the game comfortably.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features, Chaos Road: Combat Racing is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. Hence, there is no need to pay for downloading it from the Google Play Store. The game will offer many free features that you can enjoy right away.

Enjoy the modified game on our website

However, since the free game still contains ads that may annoy you, and if you want to unlock the premium gameplay, you will still need to pay with real money to unlock these features. Thus, many of you will be more interested in our mod version of Chaos Road: Combat Racing instead. Here, we provide the unlocked app with removed ads and unlimited features. Thus, allowing you to enjoy the game to the fullest. All it takes is to download a file Chaos Road: Combat Racing Mod APKBy following our correct instructions.

Picture and sound quality


Offering impressive 3D graphics and an intuitive top-down view, Chaos Road: Combat Racing allows Android players to quickly engage in fantastic and exciting racing battles on their mobile devices. Feel free to work with cool car models, enjoy powerful visual effects, realistic car animations and amazing explosions. All this will allow you to fully immerse yourself in many epic games.

sound and music

The powerful soundtrack and epic sound effects of Chaos Road: Combat Racing will make a more interesting mobile title for Android gamers. Here, you can enjoy playing this addictive street action title while enjoying amazing audio experiences.

last thoughts

With engaging stories, exciting gameplay, and in-depth features, Chaos Road: Combat Racing will make a great mobile title for all of you. Get ready to experience the cool elements of racing battles where you can enjoy epic street stunts with amazing cars, cool maps, amazing levels and more. All of this will be available completely free of charge, thanks to our modified application.

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