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Car Master 3D MOD APK 1.2.4 (Unlimited Money) for Android


For those of you who grew up loving Pimp My Ride’s great TV shows or amazing movie series like Fast and Furious, you’ll surely find this great mobile title for Car Master 3D A great game on your mobile devices. Enjoy playing the game as a mechanic and start your own auto shop, where you will repair, redesign and transform any old and rusty car into a fine piece of art.

Enjoy exploring the wide and interesting gameplay, which includes hundreds of interesting vehicles of different shapes and various reduction states that you can work on. Improve it from the inside out with engine and mechanics upgrades, body jobs, paint jobs, along with the many tools available in the game. All of this will ensure that you can enjoy this great mobile title to the fullest.

Learn more about this great Android title from SayGames with our comprehensive reviews.

story / gameplay

Here in Car Master 3D, Android players can enjoy becoming a skilled mechanic and have fun starting their own car business, where you will take on jobs to repair old, rusty, dirty or even non-working vehicles. Breathe new life into the different cars brought into your garage and make sure the owners are completely happy with the changes.


Enjoy working with a variety of different pimping challenges in the game, which will take you through multiple levels and missions. Work hard to fulfill customers’ demands and make them happy with your pimping choices. Earn more money, do better upgrades on your garage, and make the most of in-game features.

With simple and addictive gameplay, along with many in-depth elements of mechanics and car customizations, Car Master 3D will make sure that you can enjoy the special mobile title to the fullest.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

This game is simple but very addictive

To get you started, Android players in Car Master 3D can immediately engage in this simple and accessible game of managing the car shop. Feel free to work with the different tools available for pimping cars. Do different tasks that require you to take care of the vehicles in multiple ways, from body piping, doing interior upgrades, to running the engines and tuning vehicles. Each action will have its own simple and interactive in-game mechanics, and will allow you to enjoy the great mobile title to the fullest.

Start your own auto shop

For those of you who are interested, you can now become the owner of your own auto shop in Car Master 3D. Enjoy role-playing as a vehicle rescuer, where you will improve the vehicles inside your professional garage. Enjoy bringing rusty and dilapidated vehicles back to their beginnings and even enable amazing pimping options to make them even more awesome to ride in. Take on all the jobs as a mechanic and turn your auto shop into a popular destination for car enthusiasts.

Unique cars to enable unique challenges

Here in Car Master 3D, Android players will have their chances to enjoy many unique challenges in the game, which allows them to freely engage in pimping game with many different cars to take care of. Each car will have its own unique look and traits, along with its different issues that you will need to work on.

Enjoy repairing damaged cars with lots of indents and interior damages. Transform rusty old vehicles into their first with glossy paints and cool graphics. Or take advantage of amazing upgrades to fully improve some vehicles and enable their top speeds. Various sports cars, police vehicles, ambulances, food trucks, taxis, and many other vehicles will ensure that you can always enjoy this cool Car Master 3D mobile title in many ways.

Meanwhile, you will find yourself dealing with different customers who need different pimping options on their vehicles. So be sure to pay attention to their requests to always satisfy them with your pimping operations. Work hard in your jobs to earn the prestige and reputation that will help you improve your business.

Various functions to perform

To make sure that you can enjoy playing the exciting gameplay of Car Master 3D, the game offers a full range of services, which you can offer in the garage. Enjoy working on auto repair, tuning its performance, enable some painting work, or simply clean dirty vehicles, etc. Enjoy helping your clients, as you enjoy working on the many interactive garage jobs, which are also oddly satisfying.

Earn profits and upgrade your business

Here in Car Master 3D, you can make use of the collected funds to expand and upgrade your business. Feel free to get more slots for cars, improved equipment and tools that can help you boost their performance, and improve the quality of your business through the upgrades offered. Also unlock rare parts, stickers, wheels, designs and other game items to have more fun with mobile title.

Level up your different skills

And for those who are interested, you can now level up your various skills in the game, which allows players on Android to enjoy even more the amazing Car Master 3D mobile application. Gain better skills to repair, redesign and redesign different vehicles faster and more effectively. Gain and upgrade new skills so you can always pay your bills.

Enjoy a stress-free and accessible game

To make sure that you can enjoy the epic pimp actions of Car Master 3D to the fullest, the game offers fun and stress-free gameplay for you to enjoy on the go. Here, you can quickly relax from intense racing action in games like Desert Riders and just focus on the exotic relaxing actions of repairing cars. Not to mention that the undemanding gameplay will let you have fun with Car Master 3D whenever and wherever you want.

Special levels to enjoy

Throughout the game, Android players are allowed to enjoy endless levels within the game, which feature escalating challenges and equally enjoyable gameplay. Enjoy working on the most challenging car jobs and earn better rewards in the game. And don’t forget to engage in the special levels of Car Master 3D to earn great prizes from VIP customers.

Realistic haptic feedback for better interactions

To make the installation procedures in Car Master 3D more realistic and fun, the game also offers responsive and relevant haptic feedback for different tools. Here, as soon as you touch the screen with certain gadgets, the game will send out its interesting tactile responses to keep you more involved in the actions. Thus, it makes the game more fun and exciting than other games.

Enjoy offline mobile address on the go

For those of you who are interested in the cool Car Master 3D mobile title, now you can enjoy the offline mobile title on your Android devices without any issues. Feel free to explore many in-game features and enjoy working on pimping jobs. There is no need to turn on mobile data or search for active Wi-Fi connections, just to play the game.

free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android players to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can now easily download the game from the Google Play Store and start enjoying its features on the go. Just keep in mind that since it is still a free game, there will be ads and in-game purchases that may annoy you.

Get our helpful mod

Also, if you don’t want to waste money to unlock the whole game, we also offer the fully unlocked version of Car Master 3D on our website, which you can enjoy instead. Here, Android users can enjoy free and unlocked mobile title with deleted ads, in-game purchase and unlimited money. As a result, you are free to do whatever you want in your garage. You only need to download a file Car Master 3D Mod APKfollow the instructions provided, and start enjoying the game on the go.

Picture and sound quality


Here in Car Master 3D, Android gamers can enjoy playing their own car garage simulator game with beautiful 3D graphics and stunning visuals, which will ensure their full participation in the awesome mobile title. In addition, thanks to the optimized and undemanding graphics, you can always enjoy smooth and satisfying gameplay of Car Master 3D on all your devices.

sound and music

Along with the amazing graphics, Car Master 3D is also distinguished by its amazing sound elements, which will allow the Android players to fully immerse themselves in the special mobile title. Feel free to have fun interacting with the vehicles while enjoying the linkable sound effects. And the exciting soundtrack will make your in-game actions more attractive.

last thoughts

With simple and fun gameplay, Car Master 3D allows Android players to fully engage in the awesome mobile title of car garage simulator. Here, you can enjoy working as a mechanic and have fun exploring different pimping operations. Explore multiple interactions with vehicles and tools available in the game. And always enjoy the free and unlocked version of the game on our website.


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