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Can You Play Overwatch 2 with Mouse and Keyboard on PS4, PS5, and Xbox?


Once again, Blizzard Entertainment created a stir in the gaming community after the launch of Overwatch 2.

After 6 years of waiting for an update or a sequel, Overwatch 2 is here to play as a free-to-play game.

Notable major changes to the game including the battle corridor, newly added heroes, maps, and game mode, as well as the game system that used to consist of two teams of six, is now two teams of five. These are just some of the changes in Overwatch 2.

Due to these game improvements and modifications, a lot of players are fascinated to try this one. However, the gaming community is made up of players who use different and multiple gaming platforms.

Besides the major changes, there are also some major concerns. This includes the question about whether Overwatch 2 can be played with a mouse and keyboard on PS4, PS5, and Xbox.

To answer this question, we have prepared this article just for you.

Can you play Overwatch 2 with mouse and keyboard on PS4, PS5, and Xbox?

Some players feel more comfortable playing games with a Mouse and keyboard Instead of fidgeting at their keyboards. Now that Overwatch 2 has been released, some players are concerned about whether they can use a mouse and keyboard on PlayStation and Xbox.

Unfortunately, connect both the mouse and keyboard to an external adapter Will not work. There is only limited mouse and keyboard support in Overwatch 2 on consoles. You can, in fact, do this but it’s not guaranteed to work properly.

Although the mouse and keyboard will be detected by the device when connected, it will not be available in the game settings.

\ You should be able to see the mouse, keyboard, and controller icons in the upper-right corner of the screen. However, pressing any buttons will not work.

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