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Bouncemasters MOD APK 1.5.2 (Unlimited Money) for Android

You are someone who loves to play. And you are looking for a simple game. Bouncemasters It will be a good choice for you. Bouncemasters is an arcade game. In the game, you will help the penguin to go to his mate. Besides, the game will also bring you many interesting things. Let’s install Bouncemasters and explore these now.

Travel to a cold, icy land

Bouncemasters is a game created and presented by Playgendary Limited. They are among the top 10 game developers by installation – the total number of downloads has exceeded 1 billion, and the monthly audience is more than 250 million players. Bouncemasters is available on both Google Play and the App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems. You can also play Bouncemasters on tablets. The game is free to download but is for one player only. Bouncemasters also does not occupy much memory capacity in your device, so you will experience the game more smoothly.

Bouncemasters 3 . screen

Besides, the graphics of the game are very beautiful. In Bouncemasters, you will be transported to the cold, snow-covered land. Here you can see many cute seals and whales. Snowmen are also an indispensable part of this land. Moreover, you will also have the opportunity to go to many different places and see many beautiful sights. Blue sky with white clouds, night sky with lots of stars, igloos, pine trees etc. In particular, you can also watch snowfall or even green fields. Our main character is the penguin. It is very nice. Sometimes you will see it without feathers. They will help the game to be newer.

In addition, the sound is very lively. In the game, you can hear your penguin speaking some words like “help me”, “amazing”,…. This will make the game more interesting. Moreover, a funny sound clip will always be playing while playing Bouncemasters. But if you don’t want to disturb others when playing the game, you can turn off the sound in the game setting.

Bouncemasters 0 . screen

Start helping the penguin to go to his mate

In the game Bouncemasters, the player’s penguin watches the viewer around him. And he found a friend. But he can’t go to it. So your main task is to help your penguin go to his friend. First, you need to tap on your screen to start the game. Then click again so the polar bear can hit your penguin. But you also have to be careful to avoid losing the penguin. If you miss him, the polar bear will get angry. You’ll need to tap to make the polar bear hit the penguin and start over. So that you can play Bouncemasters more easily, the publisher has offered players a short script. So you don’t have to remember exactly how to play the game.

In addition, there will be many different obstacles in the way of the penguin. For example, seals, or killer whales, snowmen, mushrooms, frozen man, … With some obstacles like killer whale, you need to overcome them if you don’t want the penguin to fall into the stomach of the killer whale and end the game. But you can count on it to launch your penguin higher. Tap your screen to collide with seals. This makes the penguin jump.

Bouncemasters 1 . screen

Upgrade your way

In Bouncemasters, your penguin will have 4 pointers that you need to notice. Those indicators are power, top speed, rebound power and hitting power. High strength will help the penguin to become stronger. But the higher the top speed, the faster your road will fly. And if the Beat Force level is high, the penguin will be better launched. Your penguin will need to go to his friend as quickly as possible. So you need to upgrade it with gold coins. There are a lot of gold coins that get in the way of the penguin. Let’s collect them to upgrade your penguin. Sometimes treasure chests can bring you an upgrade card. Moreover, you can earn a lot of gold coins by playing Bouncemasters every day. Completing daily tasks will also bring you many rewards. For example, when you shoot a penguin 12 times, you can get 1800 gold coins. But if you do 8 amazing kicks, you can earn up to 2700 coins. Fly fast, bounce high, and masterfully evade obstacles in all locations.

In particular, there are up to 24 bats in the game. Each bat will have its own benefits. And you need a certain number of gems to be able to own it. The stronger the bat, the more gems it needs. So collect gems when he goes on your way to your friend. Daily gift will also help you to earn many gems.

Bouncemasters 2 . screen

Be the best game with many players in the world

With simple gameplay, players just need to tap their screen to control the polar bear and hit your way. Bouncemasters will be the right game for many players of different ages, from kids to adults. A bear with a bat will send his feathered friend into the air, and other animals will help him gather height and speed. You will help your way to go to your friend. Besides, the beautiful graphics and funny sound are elements that helped the game become more attractive. Moreover, the player can also upgrade his path to become the best in the leaderboard.

In addition, you can play Bouncemasters whenever you want. Because the game does not require internet connection. This also helps you relax after a long day at work. Because of the above things, Bouncemasters has attracted more than 50 million installs and has become the best game with many people in the world. Let’s join Bouncemasters and enjoy engaging experiences.

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