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Blocky Cars MOD APK 8.3.7 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Get ready to immerse yourself in many exciting actions and addictive games full cars. Enjoy discovering the wonderful world of creative car games, where you will not only drive or race but also fly and fight with mega monster cars or war machines. Feel free to discover the amazing world of pixelated graphics and blocky elements, as you craft and build all kinds of interesting vehicles.

Utilize your awesome powered creations as you take them out to fight epic battles against other enemies of the same size. Explore your endless creativity as you come up with different ways to design and build your devices. Improve its speed, power and maneuverability, as you gain advantages over enemies. Enjoy in-depth and interesting building experiences to come up with your amazing war machines. Always enjoy the fun and addictive online battles.

Find out more about this amazing Blocky Cars mobile game with our reviews.


In the world of Blocky Cars, anything is possible because you are able to freely make your own cool machines from blocky scraps of all kinds. Feel free to expand your creativity to every imaginable limit and come up with incredible designs of Blocky cars. Explore the amazing world of action and innovative gameplay whenever you want.

Start exploring the game by taking on the endless story challenges as you slowly learn the craft and discover many in-game features. Meanwhile, also feel free to enjoy the exciting online Blocky Cars game, which will provide more epic actions. Join friends and online players from around the world as you experience epic brawls and addictive in-game actions through real-time matches.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and accessible in-game controls

To start off, players in Blocky Cars will quickly find themselves getting used to the in-game controls, making it easy for you to comfortably work on certain in-game items. Feel free to enjoy the game of crafting with the interactive control that is easy to access, as it allows you to easily create your own designs and customizations. At the same time, also enjoy fighting with your opponent while making full use of the simple and accessible robotic controls, which will make you feel completely connected to the battles.

Blocky Cars 3 screen

Create your own fighting monsters freely

For those of you who are interested in building and crafting gameplay, you can immediately make use of the cool blocks in Blocky Cars, as the game offers more than 90 different blocks that you can make use of. Feel free to cycle through the different materials and discover their particular attributes to decide if you want to have them on your devices. Also take advantage of many innovative parts and components, which will power your cars, robots and other war machines. Feel free to try out the many interesting editing options in Blocky Cars as you enable cool designs for your machines.

Blocky Cars 1 شاشة screen

Great choices for pre-made war machines

And to make sure that the Android players of Blocky Cars can enjoy their exciting in-game experiences to the fullest, the game also offers several pre-built devices that you can easily get from the store. Enjoy choosing between cool tanks, flying planes, full-featured robots and other weapon units, as you introduce them to addictive in-game battles. Or if you ever run out of ideas, feel free to consider the options at Blocky Cars and try to recreate your own designs.

Blocky Cars 2 screen

Take dozens of offline levels

To guide you through the gameplay and allow you to enjoy the addictive action game, Blocky Cars will introduce players through dozens of levels within the interesting game, which offer interesting and exciting adventures for you to discover freely. Meanwhile, with escalating levels of difficulties and more immersive in-game content, you will never find Blocky Cars to be bored or uninterested.

Start playing online with the classic Deathmatch

For those of you who are interested, you can now join the exciting online world of Blocky Cars and enjoy many interesting online game modes, starting with the classic action game Deathmatch. Get ready to take full advantage of the array of war machines as you choose your epic weapons in the battles. Fight against others in funny and addictive endless Deathmatch rivalries. Enjoy and pause the game whenever you need to.

Enjoy Capture the Flag tactical matches

For those who prefer the tactical methods of Blocky Cars, you can also enjoy the great game Capture the Flag. In this mode, you and your teammates will have to make the most of your team tactics and efforts to outsmart the enemies. Get their flag and protect yours to win the game. Enjoy fast action and dynamic gameplay at all times.

Enjoy addictive monster races

And not just fighting and building, now you can enjoy the exciting gameplay of high speed racing in Blocky Cars. Feel free to choose your fastest car and hit the pedal as you race against others in fun and addictive challenges. At the same time, also use the game’s movement features to make the whole experiences more exciting.

Addictive FPS game mode to enjoy

Action-packed shooting game lovers will also enjoy with Blocky Cars, as the game now offers an interesting FPS game mode. Feel free to pick up different weapons and equip them with your war machines and robots. Control your gigantic mechs to battle others in addictive FPS challenges. All of this should allow you to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Freely customize your characters

To make online gameplay more interesting, players in Blocky Cars can now make their character even more memorable, thanks to in-game customizations. Feel free to edit their skins by choosing multiple outfits and outfits with different looks and themes. At the same time, experience cool armor and cool weapons that will not only strengthen your robots, but also make your devices more powerful.

Enjoy addictive multiplayer challenges

To make sure that Android players can enjoy their multiplayer to the fullest, Blocky Cars will allow up to 8 different players on one map. And here, you can freely access the chat channel and interact with other players. Discover random maps and enjoy the exciting gameplay of Blocky Cars.

Explore classic pixel game styles

Fans of classic Pixelated games are sure to find Blocky Cars to be a great mobile title for you to enjoy. Here, you can freely discover cool pixelated maps with exciting details and in-depth 3D maps. At the same time, also enjoy many cool futuristic items, which will allow you to enjoy Blocky cars to the fullest.

Blocky Cars 4 شاشة screen

free to play

Despite all these interesting and exciting features, the game is still free for you to simply enjoy on your many Android devices. All it takes is to download the free app from the Google Play Store. But if you want to explore more features in Blocky Cars, you can also make certain in-game purchases.

Enjoy the modified application on our website

In order not to waste your hard-earned money on purchasing in-game features and unlocking more options, you can trust our modded version of Blocky Cars to unlock the game for free. Here, you can enjoy unlimited in-game money and ad-free experiences. All it takes is to download a file Blocky Cars Mod APKFollow the instructions provided on our website, and you should be good to go.

Picture and sound quality


Enjoy discovering the simple and highly interactive pixel graphics within the game, which will remind you of the classic Cops N Robbers. Enjoy many exciting interactions with in-game items. Experience amazing battles thanks to the powerful sound effects. And always an addictive role-playing in Blocky Cars, thanks to the custom blocky world.

sound and music

Along with the interesting visuals, Blocky Cars also offers engaging audio experiences, allowing mobile players to truly immerse themselves in the action. Feel free to enjoy the powerful sound effects and catchy soundtrack, as it keeps you connected to the in-game experiences.

last thoughts

With many exciting in-game features, addictive game modes, powerful visuals, and exciting sound options, Blocky Cars can easily entertain mobile players who are interested in the craft. And most importantly, with the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, you will have more reasons to start enjoying it.

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