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Barotrauma: How to Activate a Beacon Station

As you explore the exotic surroundings of Barotrauma, you will eventually come across structures known as Beacon Stations. As the name suggests, these structures act as a beacon by sending sonar signals to outposts and even other submarines.

However, these are abandoned structures, which means that you will not be able to use them immediately. Instead, you need to activate it first. We’ll find out how you can do that in this guide.

How to activate a beacon station in Barotrauma

By activating the guide station, you can increase the chance of natural formations turning into outposts by about 20%. To activate one, you need to fix it in the specified order:

  1. walls
  2. wire
  3. Mechanical / Electrical Repairs
  4. reactor power
  5. Activate the sonar

Of course, before you can start any repairs, you must first enter the pilot’s terminal. You can usually find the wall that leads inside at the top of the station. Here, you will need to use a plasma cutter to cut a hole in the wall and then seal the hole with a welding tool.

Once you are inside the station, the next step is to look for the hatch as well as the button directly next to it. Interact with the button and pull the two blue wires to the speed dial bar. Next, pull the blue wire from your hotbar to the button and plug it into the Signal_Out slot.

Then interact with the slot and connect the blue wire to the Toggle_State slot. Next, interact with the button to open the hatch. Go into the hatch and find the three junction boxes inside the station.

But before that, make sure you put the fuel rod into the reactor first. Next, what you have to do next is connect the reactor and the three junction boxes to each other.

If there is no power after placing the fuel rod, you need to pull the yellow wire into the reactor and connect it to the Power_Out slot. Next, connect it to one of the junction boxes, then connect that junction box to another junction box, and so on.

drying station

Once the power is on, the next step is to check both the small and large pumps to drain the water inside the station. Make sure they have power, then set the pumping speed to -100%. Like other devices, make sure it is connected to the nearby junction box.

Make sure the terminal is connected to the nearby junction box as well. While you’re waiting for the water to drain completely, you can repair any damage inside the station with a wrench and screwdriver.

During this stage, be sure not to leave the station while the water is draining. In some cases, this can cause the hardware to malfunction even after the pilot station is activated.

Once the water is completely drained, return to the station stop and interact with it. Simply click the lever to activate the beacon.

Beyond Barotrauma: How to Activate a Beacon Station debuted at Games Fuze.

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