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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars: Ultimate Weapon Guide | Best Weapons to Use

In the video game Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, the city of Aphes is brimming with magic and mystery. Greek and Roman architectural styles served as inspiration.

Hilda will be your character as you search for a way to save her father. In the game, there are different weapons. We’ll show you which one is best for you.

Ultimate Weapon Guide, Best Weapons to Use in Astrigos

On October 11th, Asterigos: Curse of the Stars will be released. However, play may begin as early as October 8th if you pre-order. The game contains 6 different weapons. You can equip two weapons at once, each with a special ability.

All weapons in Astrigus: Curse of the Stars

Below are all the weapons and their unique abilities.

sword and shield

Damage and sword and shield protection have been balanced. It can be used to repel the assaults in front of you.


The game has a dribble button, but you can also dribble with daggers. It has an improved version of the standard dribble. Her fast attack speed combined with her unique ability allows you to enter and exit battles quickly.


Enemy defenses can be destroyed with the hammer. Charged attack is his special ability. The attack has a chance to knock down the opponent and their defenses will not deviate him.


A spear is a precision weapon with a special impact ability. You will launch a counterattack when you successfully counter an enemy strike.


Long range attacks can be done with the crew. Charged Rays is a special skill that allows you to drop a focused beam of energy from a distance.

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Both close and medium range combat are covered by bracelets. You can shoot down landmines that deal magical damage using their unique ability.

To find the weapons you feel most comfortable with, try combining them.

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