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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars: Skill Tree Guide

In Asterigos: Curse of the Stars, you’ll face opponents as you explore the city of Aphes, some of which can be hard to beat. We will show you how to use the skill tree to increase the abilities of your weapon if you want to get stronger.

Astrigos Skill Tree Guide: Curse of the Stars

You can use the following 6 weapons in Asterigos: The Curse of the Stars. Each weapon has a special ability and design. Balanced sword and shield. Fast and fast daggers. Skillful and meticulous spear. The massive and powerful hammer. Long range magic crew. Near and middle bracelets.

In the skill tree, you can enhance the abilities of these weapons.

Astrigus: Curse of the Star Skill Tree

You can branch out the three sections of the skill tree with talent points. These abilities will give you powerful advantages and disadvantages. If you wish, you can turn it on and off manually.

Go to the main menu, select the ability section, then click on talent points to view your skill tree. These include the components of the skill tree.

Staff and bracelets

The ability to boost crew abilities and bracelets is found in the first area of ​​the circle.

Sword, shield and hammer

The skills of Sword, Shield, and Hammer will all be improved through this section of the circuit.

spear and daggers

This section of the circle will improve spear and dagger abilities.

This feature may make a more effective feature or give your weapons a passive advantage. In addition, your weapon can gain a new skill in the skill tree.

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