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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars: Morning Star Elixir Location Waraxe Encampment Darkwater Waste


Asterigos: Curse of the Stars will launch on October 11, but those who pre-order it may start playing as early as October 8. As you tour the city of Aphes, you will assume the role of Hilda. Greek and Roman myths have an influence on the game.

We’ll show you where to find the Morning Star Elixir in Waraxe Encampment, an important element of the game.

The Morning Star Elixir Location Waraxe Encampment The Dark Water Waste of Astrigus: Curse of the Stars

You simply will not visit Aphes while you are in Asterigos. You will enter prehistoric caves, and reach the Dark Cult Ethrus, who are your enemies. Whenever you encounter one of these enemies, you must fortify yourself.

You get a free referral point when you use the Morning Star Elixir. You can get it by eliminating a specific creature.


Get a Morning Star Elixir at Warax Camp

To get the morning star elixir, you must first travel to Waraxe Encampment.

Turn left from the canal at the inner city wall.

Go up the stairs to the upper floor.

When you get to the top floor, keep going straight and go left. You’ll be at Waraxe Encampment after you step outdoors.

Enter the building, then turn right to go up the fence. If you keep walking, a door can be found at the end of the path.

After entering this room, turn left to go down by going to the door shown in the photo above.

The shining stone that you must select for the Black Streets mission is in a room at the bottom of the ladder. There is a lift in the room as well. To get off, you must step on the ground shown in the photo above.

The Darkwater Swamp is below. When descending, pay close attention as the lift will not stop until it hits the ground. You may find dark water waste by jumping into the cave. A cute monster that drops the morning star elixir is also present.

When you have a Morning Star Elixir, use it to add a free attribute point to your inventory.


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