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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars: How to Upgrade Element Enchantites Damage

Astrigus: Curse of the Stars Its RPG mechanics blend with the legendary Roman and Greek inspiration of the game. As with any RPG, this includes some spells and magical attacks.

An item wizard gives your player magical attacks like items Fire orastral. Upgrading Elemental Enchantes increases the attack element’s attack damage, so if you’re currently using a magical structure, you’ll need this guide.

This guide will help teach you how to upgrade Element Enchantes to increase initial attack damage and initial damage rate. Let’s go.

How to upgrade enchanted item damage

From the shelter starting at Minerva, heading towards the hall will lead to the name Furry Lady Vulcan. She is a blacksmith who looks like a hybrid fox-human.

If you talk to her, it will show that one of her options is “Upgrade improvements”. This option will allow the player to upgrade their improvements to increase their initial attack damage.

However, this feature is not unlocked automatically. Before you can access this feature, you need to bring a file tool bag to Vulcan.

The toolkit can be found in a file Arches Bazaar. To get there, start at Citizen Square. Next, go to the first right until you reach the academy

Exploring this area will eventually land you at one of the doors to a storage room. Inside the storage room is where the tool bag will be located.

Once you bring it to Vulcan, this will unlock the upgrade improvements feature. This will allow you to increase your initial attack and initial damage rate for your Enchantite.

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