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Asterigos: Curse of the Stars: Goods From Quintus Storage Quest Item Location

Greek and Roman mythology inspired the video game Asterigos: Curse of the Stars. As you explore Aphes, you will assume the role of Hilda. Although the game won’t be available until October 11th, those who pre-order it may start playing as soon as October 8th. We’ll show you where to find the Quintus Storage quest item in the game.

Goods from Quintus Storage Quest location in Astrigus: Curse of the Stars

The city of Astrigos has canals. It serves as the campfire of the Dark Souls, as Hilda’s resting place. Basically, they are checkpoints where you can replenish your mana and health.

However, doing so will cause all the opponents you defeated to reappear. In the channel, you will multiply if your health reaches zero. The ‘Goods from Quintus Storage’ quest item is located in the sewer.

Getting merchandise from a Quintus Warehouse Quest Item

Go to the Inner City Rampart Conduit to find the mission item.

Go to the left and go straight until you find a staircase going down. This silver slate is something you can have on the go. Once you get off, you’ll be in the dark waste waters. Additionally, there are two chests that you can open; However, the other contains an enemy.

After defeating the enemy, advance through the lobby, turn right, then turn left. To advance, you must first defeat the monsters on your way.

By turning to the right, you can find five sparkling eggs in the room as in the top image.

Exit the room and turn right, where you find three enemies. Once the enemies are defeated, turn right to find the quest reward, the merchandise from Quintus Storage. Continue in a straight line and then turn right.

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