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Arena Of Valor APK + MOD (Hack Map) Download for Android


MOBA has always been a genre that attracts the majority of players around the world, with a wide range of teams and tournaments big and small taking place continuously all over the world, especially the annual World Final League of Legend. So, Arena Of Valor APK from launch to present has pleased many players and is always a hub to attract many players to participate.

About Arena Of Valor

Not only does it have rich and varied gameplay, Arena Of Valor also attracts players with beautiful graphics, with constant updates that players can enjoy.


Basically, Arena Of Valor has the same gameplay as League of Legends, where you control your hero and fight for the ultimate goal of destroying the enemy castle. You should focus on destroying enemy towers and occupying big targets like King Kong, Dragon, Blue and Red. With the traditional MOBA gameplay, this game simulates the entire League of Legends game in a mobile version. However, the pace of the game is very fast, as you can destroy the first tower of your enemy at level 3, so each match in the Arena of Valor usually lasts 10-15 minutes.

So many modes, so much fun

Arena Of Valor 2

So far, Arena Of Valor has plenty of game modes that allow players to experience the game perfectly. The highlight of the game is the ranking mode, where players and 4 of their comrades fight in 5v5 battles. In each battle, you will get gold and a star will help you accumulate to increase your rank, and if you lose you will still receive gold in less quantity and one star will be thrown. The game’s ranking system consists of ranking from lowest to highest: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenge. In each rank, you play with other players of the same rank, so in order to get a high rank, skill is the most important, and along with the group of your teammates, it is an indispensable component of winning. After each season, your reward matches the rank you achieved.


To participate in the ranking mode, you must have at least 5 heroes. When there are not enough heroes or if you do not want to be ranked, you can join the regular game. Besides, there are other modes like 3v3, single player to show your skills. Arena Of Valor has been updated with new game modes such as hook mode, mayhem mode, and especially in the 2018 World Cup, the publisher launched Football mode. Interesting for players who can shoot with the World Cup. For those who haven’t played yet, you can go to training or fighting with AI to get acquainted with and improve your skills.

hero system

Arena Of Valor 3

In Arena Of Valor, the hero is an important element that helps players to enjoy fun matches with each of the different role-playing locations. Therefore, to make the game not boring, the publisher often releases a new hero with new skills and his story. Each of these generals has their own unique skills. In every 5v5 game one team is full of locations like the magician in the middle of the lane, the fighter in the top lane, advertising and support go to the bottom. Besides, the jungle is the hard-skilled killer. Ruby is the important money in the game. It allows you to purchase items such as the X2 Gold Card, X2 EXP Card, Treasure Ticket (which can rotate rare items), or open a jewelry case.

If you are a fan of DC Comics, you can not miss this game because it is full of favorite characters like Batman, Superman, Flash, Wonder Women or even Joker (as a gunner).

hero items

In order to increase the power of your hero over time, you need to buy and upgrade equipment. One difference in buying equipment compared to League of Legends is that you can buy anytime and anywhere on the map without having to go back to the store (which only Orn can). Except for teleportation, Arena of Valor still has the familiar summoner specialist such as Flash, Heal, Smite, and Ghost.

High quality graphics

Arena Of Valor 4

Referring to the graphics, I am very impressed with this, compared to mobile games, the graphics of Arena Of Valor are more outstanding. This game can be said to be the MOBA mobile game that has the most advanced graphics. The genres in the game are meticulously designed, from costumes, and weapons to running, and surfing, and the skills are depicted in a very real way. The sound makes the game more dramatic with an intense combat stage.

MOD APK version of Arena Of Valor

MOD . Features

Download Arena Of Valor APK & MOD for Android

I have played a lot of games and when I was playing Arena Of Valor I really liked it. What is more interesting than stealing Mega Kill (Penta Kill) your friends or killing 5 members of enemy team on your own. Don’t forget to invite friends to play together to conquer the arena of justice!


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