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Archero: Best Weapons to Use | Weapon Tier List


Archero is an action RPG with mazes and mind-boggling obstacles that you have to overcome. Each location you will encounter has a group of enemies that you have to defeat to go to the next level.

However, as you advance in each level, the enemies become stronger. Having said that, you have to choose the perfect weapon to use for each type of enemy because your choice of weapon will mainly affect your victory.

Best weapons to use | Archero . Weapon Level List

In this guide, we are going to show the 8 best weapons that you can choose from that guarantee victory in your games.

So, let’s get started and get all those Ws!

top 8

The first weapon on our list will be saw blade.

This might not be one of the weapons of choice when it comes to the best due to his high attack speed which gradually reduces his damage per second. But the saw is a very good weapon when it comes to pinning and hitting enemies.

When you add attack boosts, they’ll be a perfect match for Bouncy Walls, Diagonal Arrows, and Ricochet. Basically, you just have to try some other combinations to make it more efficient.

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Next up the list is a file Stalker crew Released after update 1.3.1.

This weapon fires energy blasts with 100% damage to homing projectiles. Since its release, most players have considered it the best weapon as it is often described You almost never miss a goal.

However, one of the drawbacks of this weapon is its slow projectile which makes it a bit difficult to target and lock fast-moving enemies.

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This crossbow comes next called storm force.

This gun is not very popular when it comes to the best which makes it an understated one. Deals +803 attack damage to charged arrows. What’s good about this gun is that it reloads and fires automatically in the direction you’re facing.

Apart from that, the critical natural attack rate increases as the distance with your enemies increases. In addition, it also has a penetrating effect that carries multiple damage effects.

The only drawback you can encounter in using the Gale Force is its low speed due to charging.

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Boomerang also enters the list. This is called tornado.

If you like weapons that can pierce enemies in one line, then this weapon is for you. After you throw the boomerang, you’ll go back to where you were with less attack damage compared to when you released it.

top 4

We turn to one of the most popular. This weapon is called Brightspur.

To date, this weapon has the highest damage per shot out of all the weapons fired at 120%.

Apart from that, it also has the highest projectile speed but slow to attack. Despite the slow attack animation, it is still the perfect weapon to make a surprise attack on enemies.

What makes it even better is that after attacking the same enemy twice, his attack speed will increase compared to his base attack speed.

top 3

Now that we’re in the top three, we’re going to introduce another arc, which I think you already know. that it brave bow.

When you play Archero, the first weapon you must carry is a Brave Bow. It is the most balanced weapon you will encounter in the game due to its evenly distributed properties.

Brave bow has high attack speed and very accurate arrows. When you upgrade it to its Epic, you can take damage from 200% to 250%.

top 2

Our two best weapons in Archero are scythe of death.

This weapon has a slow attack speed of -85%. But to make it fair, she has 145% attack damage. So if you think about it, the slow attack animation is kind of worthy if it can deal huge damage to enemies.

Aside from his heavy offensive landing, he also has a great knockout feature.

top 1

Without a doubt, the Demon Blade – Rain It is the single best weapon in Archero.

What made this weapon a very good choice is that it can do both range and melee damage.

Using melee will make you immune when it comes to collision damage. Successfully inflicting damage on enemies allows you to restore HP. However, if you lose HP, you will have an increased critical rate and mobility allowing you to dodge enemy attacks.

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