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Age of Wushu Dynasty 29.0.0 MOD APK (Mana/No Skill Cooldown) for Android


Age of Wushu is an MMO game made by the famous Chinese developer Snail Games. They launched it in the North American market in 2013. Thanks to the resounding success, developer Taichi Panda brought the game to mobile.

The Chinese version of the game was officially launched in the domestic market at the end of July 2013. However, recently Snail Games announced that it will offer Era of the Wushu Dynasty for players around the world in 2015.

Age of Wushu Dynasty is an RPG with eight martial arts martial arts to choose from. The game provides players with the best martial arts to coordinate. You can model continuous and unique moves during combat but still have a bold cinematic style, like the PC version. Also, players can enjoy the most attractive game world from the PC version. It creates the most realistic feeling when playing this game on the big screen.

Besides, through the control mechanism, playing games on the touch screen will allow players to manipulate precisely and quickly instead of combining many keyboard operations. The 3D graphics in Age of Wushu Dynasty will use the same advanced engine technology as Taichi Panda to make the game vivid and smooth.


In the game, players will be immersed in the virtual world. Get rid of discipline or career constraints like other traditional mobile RPGs. Instead, the game will focus on elements of freedom such as the computer version used. With fast fighting speed and familiar guild battles, the game will bring you the best experience for players.

general information

Wushu is one of the most classic martial arts in China. She made her debut in The Legend of the Condor Heroes series and gradually became the target of many martial arts masters. Based on this idea, various game makers have created and developed swordplay games that attract millions of players around the world to participate. One of them is the era of the Wushu Dynasty with the emergence of four very famous sects. It is a Snail Games product that can be played on Android devices for 2.3.3 and above and is free to try.

In terms of gameplay, the era of the Wushu Dynasty will leave the traditional values ​​of PC elders. There are endless boxing and frantic fencing moves in front of the players. Powerful fighting situations, incredible speed and rhyming moves between the same enemies will become the trademark of the era of the Wushu Dynasty.

The quality of the combat system is outstanding through the proper investment of the Snail Games development process. The developer also hired real martial arts experts for the process of capturing the spirit of their signature moves. It brings the quality of the fighting system of the Wushu Dynasty era to a new level.

Moving forward, the Wushu Dynasty Era would give players the right to immerse themselves in the four great gypsy sects. You will receive unique sets of martial arts with a specialized skill system. Bringing in traditional values ​​from the elders, the game will also welcome typical elements such as escorting friends through Co-op, fighting in PVP fire or Guild vs. Guild on a large scale.

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How to play era of wushu dynasty?

The Age of Wushu Dynasty is a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Perhaps, if you are passionate about ancient Chinese games or sword games, this is an ideal choice. The game features martial arts system and fighting styles. The game has been authentically reproduced on par with cinematic techniques and sharp 3D graphics accompanied by intuitive controls.

It makes the game players love to immerse themselves in the war for the power of the legendary martial arts masters. Besides participating in martial arts training, players also have to complete a variety of tasks such as competing with other cults, upgrading equipment, weapons for the character, and trying to advertise.

The era of the wushu dynasty has a dominant style of superior gameplay. Players will take part in missions arranged on the map, collect loot, explore the vast game world, and step-by-step upgrade items and equipment for the character. One of the highlights of the Wushu Dynasty era is that players will also be satisfied with skill development, martial dance, disdain, and acupuncture points. You are free to learn all kinds of divine martial arts, including inner and spiritual channels. Once you are confident in your abilities, you can sign up to compete with other players in PvP mode to rest by roaming around and enjoying the landscape.

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Special Features

The main sects of the Wushu Dynasty are:

  • wudangThis sect accepts male and female students, and its main weapon is swords. Wudang was developed in the early years of the Nguyen Dynasty because the talent of Truong Tam Phong martial arts and the inner workings of this sect were very advanced.
  • AmyThis sect is for female students and has the main weapon, which is two daggers. Emei is considered a sect on a par with Wudang and Shaolin.
  • Shaolin: Contains a variety of martial arts including martial arts, inner qigong, and elaborate special arts but tends mainly to use sticks. The best skill is long range attack.

There are three main types of missions including fighting according to Story Quest, win Achievement Quest, and Daily Quest. In the arena, players can choose opponents from the list and defeat high-ranking opponents to bring them down and upgrade themselves. Then their reputation increases and they win the battles.

Sparring mode allows you to practice martial arts with other players. Players can invite friends, colleagues, guild allies, nearby heroes, or enter anyone’s name on the sparring page for training. If approved, the friendly match will start. You have nothing to lose and nothing to gain in this situation.

Age of Wushu Dynasty 5 شاشة screen

After joining a specific guild, players will receive the guild contribution during guild events. It is a currency used to buy treasure. Besides, the guild chest is also an item that can increase the overall strength of your guild.

In the first moments of entering the realm of the Era of the Wushu Dynasty, you must choose one of the four sects that best suits your interests. The sect would provide players with profound martial arts and inner skills. In the era of the Wushu Dynasty, each sect had its own characteristics. Wudang has the ability to wield swords and be reborn with good health. Use Imei to fight with a double dagger, to deftly escape from enemy defenses. Shaolin is a noble monk with a strong and powerful attack style.

At the first level, Age of Wushu Dynasty players will be guided by the system. It offers many game features including the basic interface, combat systems, and upgrade your character. Your goal at this point is to focus on completing the tasks. It will give players a lot of experience. They are all automatic and not too difficult. But players should pay attention to these instructions, as they will be very useful in later stages.

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last words

To reach level 20, most of the main game modes are unlocked and you will experience the virtual world of the era of the Wushu dynasty. As for skills, players find two to three skills they want and practice them. The game begins with the skill of the cult, which is enough for you to overcome difficult tasks at this time.

The most important thing for you is to find lots of new skill pieces, combine them, and upgrade them to the highest level. To find a skill piece in the martial arts menu, the game guides players where you can get that item. On the farm, you need to get three or more stars on all levels. Fulfilling this requirement every day can automatically collect large resources.

The above is the basic instructions for those who have just entered into Era of Wushu Dynasty MOD APK. It is a game that has extreme 3D graphics from a dream of a virtual scene to create a highly detailed character.


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