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AFK Arena: Ultimate Beginners Guide

Lilith Games, the developers of AFK Arena installed the game correctly. This game is perfect for mobile because you don’t require a lot of time grinding or investing many hours to complete the objectives.

To put things simply, AFK Arena is a game where you do most of the work away from the keyboard and check in from time to time to see your progress.

In this guide, we’ll help you get started with some of the things to know and do while setting up your team at AFK Arena.

The ultimate beginner’s guide to the AFK Arena

The core game element of AFK Arena is how you set your hero lineup and allow them to clear waves upon waves of enemies. It is a turn based strategy game with the option to let your team play alone while offline and do your daily work.

Setting up your roster of characters is easy, but to get the full benefit of your gameplay, it’s best to know the different factions of heroes to better prepare a winning team.

Get to know the hero’s factions

There are more than 100 heroes in AFK Arena under 7 different factions. Hero types are separated into different roles in the party and knowing which faction your characters will be drawn from and knowing their strengths and weaknesses will make a difference in how strong your team formation is in clearing game content.

Lightbearer Faction

This faction consists of heroes with different roles. They have a well-balanced structure and it is easy to choose heroes from the beginning of the game.

You usually choose the tank heroes of this faction to team up with other factions that have stronger and unique heroes for their faction.

Muller faction

Heavy damage Mauler heroes with great support. Many heroes hold from this faction. Team up with champions of the Wilder faction who specialize in strong support type champions.

Wilder faction

Wilder Faction is the safest choice for primary players, it hosts some of the best support heroes in the game. As a supporting role, they are compatible with other factions because their heroes have one of the best support skills in the game.


Graveborns are the opposite of the Lightbringers in the game. Other than that, they have similar hero roles and they also have a balanced team.

What sets them apart is that their heroes tend to get stronger over time and their ability to steal lives.

Celestial and Hypogeans

This features top-tier champions in every turn. The problem is that it is not for free-to-play players, so you will have to invest in the game with real money to get it.

The heroes of their faction can be obtained in the Stargazing Room later in the game, and if you have money to spare, you can team up entirely on these two factions and can navigate your way through the game content.


Limited heroes obtained through co-op events in the AFK Arena the Dimensional Faction.

This month’s latest collaboration event is Geralt and Yennifer of the Witcher which you can get if you play now.

The only hero that can be purchased from Arthur’s Labyrinth Store is one of the best tanks in the game.

Hero decks

The best lineup of heroes when starting your game is to have x1 Carry hero, x1 Tank and 3x Support heroes.

Level up your load heroes from 30 to 40 levels higher than your other heroes so they can eliminate battles faster and easier. Tanks will require gear and gear to make them soak in damage while props will make your survival higher by strengthening and healing them.

Team lineups

Having multiple heroes from the same faction gives you aura buffs and helps strengthen your party lineup. If you have x3 heroes from the same faction and the rest from different factions, you will get a 10% increase in your attack and overall horsepower.

When you have x3 heroes from the same faction and the others are x2 from the same faction as well, your power boost adds up to 15% attack and a horse power boost.

With x4 heroes of the same faction, you receive 15% ATK and 20% HP increase for your team.

With all x5 heroes of the same faction, your power up will be 20% for maximum attacks and health points.

How to get stronger

After you set up your squad, your heroes will spend their time scanning the campaign map. Check your daily and weekly tasks and focus on clearing these goals every time you log in and play.

There is no time limit for campaign rewards, so you can get these rewards while your team clears each level.

gear items

Equipping your heroes with gears increases their stats depending on the rarity of the gear. Gears are rated according to power, speed, or intelligence. High level gears are also locked to different factions, so give these gears to the heroes who can use them.

That’s all you need to know when getting started at AFK Arena. There are other things to do to strengthen yourself, but focusing on those things first for the first few days will make things easier for you once you reach higher level content.

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