8 Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses

8 Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses – More and more Singaporeans have aquariums as a hobby in Singapore. This has led to more fish shops and aquariums popping up in Singapore. An aquarium is a waterproof container with live fish. and other animals which is often under water The aquarium is used for breeding fish in captivity. whether for food or for beauty Visit the Tropika Club Aquarium and the best aquarium shop in Singapore.

Green Chapter was established in the year 2004 is dedicated to creating water landscapes and wetlands that bring nature to life before your very eyes. They offer a wide range of options from design and concept to installation and maintenance of aquariums and water features to suit all sizes and needs. Check out their work to see the wide variety of options they can offer. whether it is a close home environment modern professional space Or a full display for the park, Green Chapter has the vision and resources to fulfill your dreams of a thriving underwater world no matter where you live, work, or play.

8 Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses

8 Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses

Almost everyone knows about the diversity of nature that can be found in habitats such as the tropical rainforests, the African savanna. Few, however, realize the beauty and vulnerability of freshwater bodies of water, marshes, ponds, rivers and mountain streams. It is a refuge for unique species and also faces an ever-growing threat to their existence. But by sharing knowledge about the different ecosystems and how to work with customers, partners and the public, Green Chapter hopes they can raise awareness and appreciate the value and beauty of underwater habitats that are often Disregarded in small ways, they believe that installations in homes, schools, zoos and public buildings People will have more opportunities to learn about freshwater biodiversity.

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They will make it easy for you. Because they build the entire system – from aquarium tanks to life support systems to ecological environments, the Green Chapter team can provide you with expert and timely support that you won’t get anywhere else. Have fun!

East.Ocean started in 1996 as a fish tank manufacturer and distributor in Singapore market. Since 2000 they have expanded their overseas distribution.

With experience in the aquarium trade They can better understand what their customers want and provide them with the best solution. They are also proud to expand their services to land and aquaculture/seafood areas.

They believe in building success on the success of their customers. They greatly appreciate the partners that help them achieve what they have today.

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Their goal is to provide one stop station that offers convenience and better prices to all of their partners. They believe in continuous improvement and welcome suggestions to help you get better.

Toh Aquarium was established in 2017 by wholly owned by Uncle Table and Ian. which is a fish enthusiast The advice they provide comes from years of experience and from the hearts of true enthusiasts. This father-son partnership aims to enhance their expertise while leveraging traditional knowledge in running an aquarium business. and turn it into a new e-commerce platform

In 2017, when they set up shop Uncle Table has decided on a new concept. (This is the largest project ever – with over 20 years of experience in the aquarium business) To improve the routines of changing the water, he designed everything from scratch. Let’s start by connecting the plumbing. through good filter selection to the success of the semi-automatic water exchange system This movement helps maintain good water conditions and ultimately benefits the fish in our store.

8 Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses

It is now 3 years old and all aquariums use a semi-automatic water exchange system made of quality filter material. Therefore, the water in the tank flows continuously in the right water conditions. So their fish perform very well, maintain them, all proudly designed by themselves. not easy But it was a dream of his life – and he did it! Every day to this day he continues to educate us that good water conditions are the beginning of every beautiful body of water.

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The store is filled with 200 large and small aquariums, all neatly separated by different types of fish. So customers can quickly identify the aquatic animal of their choice and choose what they want. In this way the fish can live a healthy life!

Inside the shop, various species of live fish, aquatic plants, aerial plants and succulents are on display. which will be replenished quickly You can also find a variety of fish food for all kinds of tropical fish. generic and topical medications Water softener and beneficial bacteria Various filtration systems Air pump and aeration Fertilizers for aquarium plants and plant supplements tools in the aquarium and everything you have It is necessary to maintain the balance of the aquarium for tropical fish.

Both retail and online hope to offer a wide variety of options and create a great shopping experience with the confidence to rely on their expertise to help you build the aquarium of your dreams.

N30 Tank specializes in custom aquariums of all sizes for the home and office. In addition, they design and build large aquariums for outdoor installations. Their services include aquarium maintenance in Singapore. glass and glass factory supply including the retail sale of aquarium equipment

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N30 has developed a unique glass sealing technique that allows them to produce very large tanks (eg 30 feet long) without water leakage issues. N30 offers customers a five-year warranty on all their aquariums for water leak

To cater to the needs of aquarium enthusiasts, the N30 also offers a wide range of aquarium accessories such as filters, pumps, power systems, wave generators, skimmers… for sale online.

Based in Singapore, Aquatic Dreams is one of the leading manufacturers of L77 custom aquariums and tanks. All of their aquariums are guaranteed to be safe for your pet’s fish and their tanks are made of white L77 glass. Special with the highest clarity meanwhile The tank of your aquarium is made of aluminum. 100% waterproof and durable, this is definitely one of the best aquarium shops in Singapore!

8 Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses

The Aquatic Dreams L77 has a stylish appearance and also has an efficient filtration system for easy maintenance. If aquarium design and construction is important to you, Aquatic Dreams can meet your expectations and preferences. Moreover Its aquariums are not only suitable for indoor installations. It is also suitable for restaurants, schools and hotels.

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OTF Aquarium Farm OTF Aquarium Breeding Farm is one of the few Asian dragonfish (dragonfish) breeding farms registered with CITES (CITES registration number: A-SG-512) in the world. 30 years in the ornamental fish industry They are a professional breeder and exporter of Asian Arowana (Scleropages formosus) dragonfish. All of their farmed fish are certified and certified by CITES, AVA and ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for world trade. They successfully bred F2 (second generation) and non-Asian Arowana through breeding in Singapore. Most importantly, the quality and proven pedigree of the fish is guaranteed and guaranteed.

So all their fish are tagged with a microchip code. (Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) Integrated Signal Tag Number), which has an actual number that can be verified at the local AVA authority and on the company’s website. From OTF AQUARIUM FARM also issued the original “Certificate of Identity” (registered and certified by AGRI-FOOD VETERINARY AUTHORITY, SINGAPORE) and a copy of the “Warranty Certificate” (registered and certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 ).

Fresh N Marine allows you and your guests to experience the magic of underwater life without leaving your home, office or evening lounge. Their team has a wide range of expertise from design to freshwater/marine biology. and remove the complexity from your aquarium.

Take advantage of years of experience with over 200 brands of aquarium equipment in both freshwater and marine. They use quality equipment from brands such as KESSIL, Tunze and Red Sea to name a few, so you can enjoy your water experience with peace of mind. Like many satisfied customers around the world.

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Polyart Aquarium is a 24 hour pet shop (since 1998) specializing in tropical farm animals and marine aquariums. and small pets (hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, frogs, crabs, etc.). They also offer a wide range of services that include custom tank or pond design, delivery, setup and maintenance.

They currently have eight stores in Clementi, Yishun, Bukit Batok, Chinatown, Bugis, and Bedok. They have a huge list of aquarium products for you. to meet all budgets and specific needs Their products include well-known brands locally or internationally.

They can confidently say that in one store They have the widest inventory of all commonly used aquatic products in their region. If you can’t find anything, tell him and you’ll find it.

8 Profitable Ornamental Fish Businesses