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8 How To Start A Hamper Business For Beginners

8 How To Start A Hamper Business For Beginners – Have you ever wanted to put together a beautiful gift basket but didn’t know how to wrap it or where to start?

Maybe it’s your first time making a gift basket? Especially when we want it to look amazing, it can be quite amazing, right?

8 How To Start A Hamper Business For Beginners

8 How To Start A Hamper Business For Beginners

Well, in this post, we’ll show you how easy it is to wrap a gift basket like a pro, step by step!

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To make a good gift basket, you will need a few basic materials: a gift box with a removable lid, a clear cello basket bag (instead of cello wrap on a roll), newspaper wrapping paper, tinsel twine, a bow and a little colorful woven basket.

The container you choose for your gift basket is very important. It should be strong, attractive and easy to work with.

Instead of using a perforated wicker basket for this gift basket (as usual for gift baskets!) we decided to use one of our 2 gift boxes that are 7″ x 7″ x 4″. These boxes are very compact and not only great gift basket containers, but can also be reused later as storage boxes.

TIP: You can put the lid under or behind the box. We chose to go with a cover behind it for this example.

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Newspaper makes a great base for a gift basket. Place your colored basket on top of the print

We like to use unprinted wrapping paper for a nice base. Newspaper is tough, cheap, and helps fill the bottom of your box so you use less colorful basket scraps.

Wrapping paper also helps hold heavy items (such as cans and bottles) in place so they don’t get damaged and prevents them from sinking to the bottom of the box (you’ll want to see the products!)

8 How To Start A Hamper Business For Beginners

TIP: Don’t use real newspaper! Ink will leak out and can end up in your container as well as in your gift basket.

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After placing the newspaper wrapping paper in place, sprinkle colored basket weave on top. The color choice is up to you, but we usually recommend using a complementary color (to match the ribbon or bow) or a neutral color to make your product stand out.

TIP:  Try to use only 1 color for the fill. Combining two or more colors can be distracting and draw attention away from the products in the gift basket.

TIP: Pay attention to the shape and size of the products when shopping. Try to vary them as much as possible to make them easier to fit in the gift basket.

Once you have all your products in the box, it’s time to place the box into the clear cello basket bag. These bags make gift basket wrapping quick and easy! Although not all baskets or containers will fit into a pre-made basket bag, if you can use them, they are much easier than a traditional cello roll.

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Make sure the top of the cello basket bag is lined with a length of twine or tinsel. We usually like to tie it to the top of the top item in the gift basket. This helps keep everything inside safe, and the cello cover looks nice and crisp (and doesn’t look like someone’s sitting on it!)

TIP: Basket bags aren’t just for gift baskets! You can use them for things that are difficult to fold, such as blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, stuffing, etc.

In the previous photo, you will see that the corners of the basket bag are stuck to the sides of the box in step #6.

8 How To Start A Hamper Business For Beginners

You MUST, yes MUST write them under the box! This is the fastest way to make an average basket look great!

The Hamper Story — The Hamper Story

It also helps to keep all the products in place. After all that effort, the last thing you want is to end up with a gift basket rolling around in the trunk of your car!

Ok, now you’re almost done, you need a bow to finish it off! The bow is an important part of the overall presentation of the gift basket, so it should look great.

Above we have shown an example of a black drawn bow (pictured above), which is easy to use, especially if you are not good at tying bows. In the photo below, we used a custom, hand-tied printed satin ribbon bow.

Here’s a super easy tutorial on how to make the perfect bow. They look especially great in corporate or custom gift baskets.

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So there you have it. Just follow 8 easy steps and you’ll be a gift basket maker in no time!

Looking for more ideas for gift baskets? Click here to learn how to put together the perfect wine gift basket!

Now we’ve created a video on how to put together a gift basket using the easy steps in this post!

8 How To Start A Hamper Business For Beginners

Ann is Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Essential Packaging Inc. For the past 24 years, she and her husband of 25 years, David, have helped grow the company from a home business to a successful online sales enterprise. Her love for creative packaging, marketing and small business life has led her to the wonderful world of blogging. She now writes on her 2 blogs, The Beautiful Wrapped Life and Small Business Life. She enjoys kayaking with her son Matt, hanging out with her barking Yellow Lab, and her 5 backyard chickens. Contact him HERE. Find out more about Essential Packaging at www.essentialpackaging.com. Putting together the perfect gift basket takes more than just throwing a few items into a container. Today I’m sharing over 65 theme ideas for great tips and inspiration to help you create a beautiful basket.

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My friend Tara makes amazing gift baskets. Seriously, they are amazing (and I wish I had pictures to show you!). For my bridal shower, baby shower, and every other shower she’s been a part of, Tara puts together 3-5 baskets as gifts for guests to take home. They are the ones you cling to, hoping to win. For this post, I’ve picked her brain for her top tips for creating the perfect gift basket.

1. Plan ahead if possible. If you know a theme for your cart, shop early and see what’s on sale. Can you shop when things are set after the weekend? Look for items on clearance and use coupons whenever possible. I love the Retail Me Not site and app for getting coupons while waiting in line to check out. I also started using Ebates and get cash back for online purchases. It’s amazing what you can find at a deep discount in the online clearance section. Why not get a refund at the same time?

(I found the white solar lamp below in the Kohl’s online clearance section for $5 and free pickup.)

2. Think outside the box. There are many types of containers you can use for your gift basket; you don’t have to stick to a traditional basket. Think interesting bowls, colanders, pots and pans for kitchen, food or cooking themes. Laundry baskets or cleaning buckets are great for college students and new homeowners. For baby gifts, try toy carts or wagons. Large glass containers with lids also look interesting if you store a lot of small things. Old boxes or home decor items are also interesting containers.

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Walk around the store and use your imagination. Consider the weight of what you are putting in the basket and if the bottom of the container is wide enough to hold it.

3. Strengthen your foundation. When creating a gift basket, things look better when they are elevated in a container rather than sitting low in the basket. There are several ways to do this. If your container is shallow, bubble wrap, tissue paper, crumpled newspaper, and basket filler work great.

I regularly buy basket filler from the Dollar Tree, and after Easter they mark down more than the Easter basket hay at Walmart on clearance. I found beautiful pink and blue paper at great prices.

8 How To Start A Hamper Business For Beginners

If you use a deeper container, you can also use boxes to increase the height. For the summer guest basket above, I used a mason jar box. It was perfect, and if the recipient wanted to keep the mugs in the box, it was a win-win.

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For these baby farmer cards, I wanted the tall items to stand up, so I used a box and punched holes for my items. He held them well!

4.  Choose a variety of gift items in size and texture. Add interest to your gift basket by using different colors, textures and sizes. I always like to throw in a little extra to fill in the blanks. Check out the bird in the basket below. . . Very sweet!

5. Put the top things on the back. By using the smallest items in the front and the tallest items in the back, allow all of your items to be seen.


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