35 Online Games for PC You Can Play (Free and Paid)

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I hope you all are hale and hearty. I am also here very fit and enjoying the days while playing games on my PC. Playing video games has many benefits like I do not need to go outside every time to enjoy myself. I can chat with my friends and eat something special by ordering it. I don’t need to be worried about my look. And all these are possible because I am playing video games and enjoying myself at Home.

Many of you have already read the articles; I wrote information about PC games. But If you are new to this blog, Please read all the articles by searching them on the search bar.

So, We all know we are different from each other. And so, Our choices and dislikes about video games are different despite the fact that we all love playing games on our PC. We may have more than one genre of video games that we like most. For example, I love action and adventure video games the most. Here, the new teenagers who just started playing games face problems identifying the most suitable type of video game for them.

In such cases, two questions raise the most…

Is there any way, We can identify our favourite genre of the game?

What games must we play related to our favourite genre?

Do you have a perfect answer to these questions? I know you would not be confident about the answers. But fortunately, Today, I will give you the most suitable answer to all the questions above.

This article, Your “Shyami: your tech brother”, will not only give you the answer but will tell you great details about the most liked genre of video games among game lovers. I will provide you with some PC video games under each genre that are most popular among people. It will help you make the best decision for you, and It will also help you to let you know about some other genres of games you never played. You may try all of them and identify the most suitable kind of game for you.

So, without talking more, Let’s start our topic…

The most popular genre of video games

In terms of video game genres, The count is limitless. There are various kinds of games. But here I will tell you about the most famous and favourite genres of video games. Let us know more about each genre.

  1. Action Games- This genre requires you to coordinate with your eyes and muscles’ reactions on time. You will see fighting, shooter, Chase, and survival-related games in this genre. Most of these kinds of games contain fighting scenes.
  2. Adventure games- Adventure games are related to exploring the game worlds with some clues and activities like tracking, mounting, solving puzzles, finding clues and sometimes with some actions.
  3. Shooter games- shooter video games are the second most liked genre in the game world. It is a subgenre of action video games. The central theme of the games revolves around defeating enemies with the help of firearms provided to you. These games require coordination and speed at the same time. These games may or may not be played in a single-player or multiplayer mode.
  4. Sports Games- As the name tells us, The genre is a virtual platform to play the real sports you could not play outside, like Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, tennis and many more that you do not have a chance to play. This genre requires you to know the basic rules of the game you will play. The games in this genre allow you to play with other players to form a team, as in the real world.
  5. Real-time Strategy Games- These games check your decision-making skills, as the games are all about planning a strategy for the changing situation. To achieve victory, You need to emphasize your thinking capabilities and plan it over direct instant actions.

Now, we all have read about the significant genres of video games. It is high time to know the best games related to each genre.

Action Games

1.Grand Theft Auto

 Online Games for PC

However, GTA is not a pure action game. Instead, it is a perfect combination of Action-Adventure games. But If you do like Action games, there is a high probability that you would like Adventure games also. And in that case, You are going to love GTA.

GTA is a series of different games with different storylines. GTA is developed under the parent company “RockStar”. This series is a milestone in the game world that can undervalue all the similar games after launching. But Remember, this series can contain some mature content, so if you are underage, you prefer playing other games under the genre.

Note- Due to the parent company’s demand, It may be that some of the games are not available on some original game websites or Amazon. In such cases, You need to explore manually or take the games on rent from someone you know.

2.Metal gear solid 5: The Phantom Pain

 Online Games for PC

The phantom pain is among the latest MGS games we get, following the Kojima productions. You can feel the excellence of this game in the stealth action games genre. The players of the phantom pain will be provided with the first-rate gaming experience and the tactical freedom to carry out open-world missions. Some key features of this game are like this.

  • Open world game design- this design will give you complete freedom to create your strategy and implement that according to your mission.
  • Photorealistic Graphics- The game is best among the latest games dedicated to the new generation. Graphics, game design and VFX quality will take you to another world.
  • Online connectivity- the game can not only access offline. The new online connectivity feature will enhance your gaming experience.

3.Rise of the Tomb Raider

 Online Games for PC

And here is another fantastic game in the action-adventure genre. The base game of this series was launched 20 years ago. And now, this time, Lara (the main heroine of the game) comes with the combination of outfits and weapons in Tomb Raider 3 and 5 different skins Lara. This time Lara will explore a new tomb that houses an ancient terror BABA YAGA, the witch temple, infect predators and many more. Know more features about the games.

  • Combat with animals- In this series, Not the humans and spirits are the enemies, but to survive in the world, Lara needs to craft weapons by hunting the animals. You will find an environment full of natural beauty. But REMEMBER! Sometimes the danger hides in the beauty.
  • Guerilla War- You will have to use the environment to your advantage, like scaling trees and diving underwater. You will use Lara’s weapons, gears and skills to defeat enemies.
  • An enormous tomb Raiding journey- If you have played the previous series of Tomb Raider, You will find this journey more challenging and significant. You will explore substantial ancient spaces with deadly traps and perplexing puzzles.

4.God of War

 Online Games for PC

This game series is also among the most awaited game series. The storylines revolve around the vengeance between the God of Olympus and Kratos. Monsters are the essential part of this vengeance. Among all the chaos and disorder, Kratos will have to fight for his survival and teach his son to do the same. Kratos is not only a father but also a mentor and protector to his son Atreus. To live in the world, He will have to travel a journey from the marbles and columns of Olympus to the gritty forest and high mountains. Every step of this journey will give them different challenges in the form of different kinds of enemies. With respect to the storyline, the game is fantastic. The most important thing is that the latest game in this series is about to be launched in November 2022. The name of the latest game will be “God of War: The Ragnarok”.


 Online Games PC

Apart from the above three games, this game is something different. Can you imagine that the game has won more than 80 Awards and is Praised by many well-known platforms like GamesRadar, Eurogamer, lGN etc.? If you like some Police and cop-related actions, You are going to love it. The main storyline of the games goes around a corruptive and hidden enemy who has invaded the federal bureau of control. It is your duty now to stop them. In short, you will have to take control to reach the enemy. In your inspection, you will find the unpredictable environment, traps and many challenges. Humanity is at risk, and you need to protect it by taking control.

The game has some violent scenes. It is advisable not to play with underage children.

6.Dead Cells

 Online Games PC

Dead Cell is a light-action game. The game has 2D effects, but it doesn’t stop making it among the best action games. The most impressive thing about the game is that it smartly dissects Metroidvanias with varieties, unlocking the new abilities and reassembling the things around a compulsive rogue-like core. Do not misunderstand Roguvania; It is something better.

The levels of these games are interconnected, and each level helps you progress in unlocking the new island and exploring your surroundings. After clearing every challenge or passing every level, you will see an upgrade in your weapons.

Know some unique features of the game.

  • Nonlinear progression- If you unlock Sewers, ossuary, or Ramparts, It will take you to a permanent ability that is helpful in your way to reach your goal.
  • Explore more- Some secret rooms, hidden passages, Beautiful landscapes, and mysterious towers will make your journey more enjoyable.
  • 2D souls-lite action- With more than 50 weapons and spells will make gameplay unique and combat fair as the enemies are strong.

7.STAR WARS JEDI: Fallen Order

 Online Games PC

Respawn Entertainment develops the game. You will play the role of Jedi Padawan in the game. Jedi escaped from the purge of order 66 following the events of Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (previous game series of the same entertainment). To rebuild the Jedi order, you will have to solve the puzzles of your shattered past, and it will lead you to complete your training, make you more powerful with new abilities and master the art of the lightsaber. Every time you will progress in developing abilities to master your light bars, you will encounter different and stronger enemies, sometimes from a different world.

Here are some key features of the game.

  • The Galaxy theme- The game is an action and adventure mix but slightly different from others because of its unique storyline of the universe. In this game, you will explore Ancient forests, windswept rocks, and haunted jungles by following a map.
  • A new Jedi Story- To revive the Jedi order, You will have to adapt your light bars skill before imperial inquisitors know your plan. You must escape the evil machinations of the empire on your way to get an adventure. This journey will make you face numerous challenges, including combat, exploration, and puzzle solving.
  • Cinematic Graphics- When you play the game, You will see Hollywood movies with graphics that will never let you feel that you are the controller of the game. Instead, you will feel that you are a part of the game.

Adventure games

8.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

 Online Games PC

If you are not new to video games, You must have known about the witcher game. But if you are new in this world, You are fortunate to start your Witcher series with the latest game, part -3. (But I suggest you play the previous series before playing it ). In the game, you will play the role of a Professional monster hunter, Whose ultimate goal is to find a child of prophecy, who is called a living weapon. And this weapon can alter the shape of the world.

Here are some key features you need to know.

Exotic monsters- As the game hints, it is all about the witcher and monsters. And so, you will face different and powerful monsters you have never seen in any game.

Every fight has a reward for you- Yes! You will get a reward in the form of enhancement of your weaponry, arms and other powers when you win a challenge, including volunteer challenges like horse races, card games, fist fighting etc.

9.The last of us

 Online Games PC

Naughty Dog is the developer of the game series “The last of us”. If you want to show your game skill to your girlfriend or spend some time with her, I will strongly recommend you play this game. This game is not like what I told you about before. Instead, it is an emotional and unforgettable story. This story runs around a devastated civilization, where infected and hardened survivors are fierce and uncontrollable. In such a situation, Joel, the protagonist of the game, was hired to smuggle a 14 years old girl “Ellie” from a military quarantine zone.

To understand the whole storyline and feel it more, you need to play it from the first part of this series.

Here are some critical features given.

  • Now, available for your PlayStation- If you have PlayStation 5, nothing is better than playing it on PlayStation. And with the new avatar, Sony Entertainment also made it available for your PlayStation.
  • Heart-touching story and characters- Although the game is single-player only but every character in the game, including Ellie, Joel and Riley, will be in your memory forever. You would wish to be a part of this game in real life.
  • Offline play enabled- There is no need for the internet if the game comes to your PC. The game has the option to play offline.

10.Uncharted: The Nathan drake collection

 Online Games PC

This game is the sequel to the games Uncharted: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The lost legacy. In their standalone adventure, you will play the game as Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer. The game has a different story for both characters and is a single-player game. In the game, Nathan Drake is a retired fortune hunter who has to go back into the world of thieves. Soon, he learns that his brother, who was supposed to be dead, seeks his help to save his brother’s life. The journey they travel make them face new challenges while adventuring the new world around the globe, including the forests of Madagascar, Far-flung cities and snow-capped peaks in search of Avery’s fortune.

11.Life is Strange

 Online Games PC

Life is Strange is an award-winning game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. If you want to play a different kind of adventure game, this is for you. The game will give you powers to rewind and replay the past, present and future. This game is the story of a photography senior “Max Caulfield”. Who gets to know that she can rewind the time when she was saving her best friend “Chloe Price”. After that, they both decide to investigate the mysterious disappearance of their fellow student “Rachel Amber”. But they soon realize that changing the past will lead to a devastating future.

The key features of the games are like this.

  • A beautifully designed, tight script- The script is the soul of this game, as you will be lost somewhere in the script of this game. It is something that makes this game different from the other games of the same genre.
  • Multiple endings- This is another feature I like about this game most. As the future depends upon the decision, you take at present or the decision you made in the past, You can get multiple endings. And the choice is yours. Every progression towards a different ending will offer you different challenges.
  • Music, graphics and animation- All the things required to make a Hollywood movie astonishing; are included in the game. You will never get bored while playing this game. Thanks to the beautiful animation and marvellous soundtrack in it.

12.Until Dawn

 Online Games PC

Until dawn is a story of eight friends trapped on a mysterious mountain. As the story progresses, They realize that the situation is getting worse for them with the different calamities. They feel that there is someone else also with them. You will have to make quick and robust decisions to save your friends and your life. The time scratch of the night will decide the life and death of you and your friends. In order to keep save all, you will have to wait until dawn. But the night is not so calm and will make you realize the dilemma of evil and God.

The game is also suitable for people who love to play horror games.

13.Gone Home

 Online Games PC

Gone Home is developed by Fulbright. The game will be liked by people who love emotional stories. The game’s storyline starts when you arrive home after a year, expecting your family to welcome you. But You find your house empty. You want to know where all the members went and what happened there. You decide to investigate, but you have only drawers and doors with some fallen objects in terms of clues. You need to wake up the spy inside you.

The key features of the game are here.

  • A precise Recreation of the 90’s era- As the story started in 1995. The writer and creators take every information care of the 90s era. From drawers to the lamps, every detail is precisely recreated.
  • An adventure game without puzzles and combat- Yes, You read it right! If you are bored with fighting and puzzle-solving games, you should try this. The house only wants to explore it.
  • Fully interactive investigation- the game is about checking your observation skill and eyeing every clue the house members left behind. You will find your investigation complicated and mesmerizing at the same time.

14.The wolf among Us

 Online Games PC

The game makers who created the thriller “Walking dead” also created this game. The game is based on a comic book. You will find the universe of the game exciting, and the twists that come when the story runs will mesmerize you. The game is full of adventure, mystery and detective work. Sometimes, you will feel part of fairytales, and in the next second, you will find yourself trapped in a novel. If you love the lore and world, I highly suggest reading the comic before starting to play the game. The game, in short, is the perfect place to start your fable journey.

Shooter games

15.Call of Duty- WarZone

 Online Games PC

The game is season 5 of battle pass. It was launched in 2020 and became popular among youths. The people who love to play shooting games will get a thrilling experience shooting against legendary villains. With the latest update, you will see some unique features, Like Lava Rock, Volcanic POIs, Doomsday Station, UAV Killstreak, Rage Serum and Personal Supply box. New weapons like Ex1 and RA 225 will amplify your experience in the dangerous world.

The features that make the game unique are here.

  • Get up to 1300 CP back- Now, for the first time, You can earn up to 1300 call of duty points and instantly unlock Raul Menendez. For this, you will have to play at least 100 tiers.
  • Battle pass- If you have a battle pass, It includes 20-tier skips and Three Halima Legendary outfits.

16.Doom Eternal

 Online Games PC

The Doom Eternal game is a story-based game. In this, Hell’s army invaded the Earth. You will play the single-player game, and your ultimate goal is to conquer demons across different dimensions and stop the end of humanity. Here are some key features of the game you should know.

  • The ultimate combination of speed and power- with the latest version, you will get to see a fierce battle between you and Demon’s army. You will see the next leap in the push forward and first-person combat.
  • Maximum slayer threat level- This season will unlock your abilities and make you more potent than ever. With the help of upgraded guns and mods, a retractable wrist-mounted blade, and an armed shoulder-mounted flamethrower, You will get the experience full of thrill and excitement.
  • Enter Battle mode- In this game, you will get an option of playing two versus one multiplayer gaming. A fully armed doom slayer will face off against two players- controlled demons.

17.Halo Infinite

 Online Games PC

If you are looking for a multiplayer game series full of shooting action, this one is for you. The new series is season two of the original one. Now, you will have content including new maps, modes and themed limited-time events. The theme of this game is based on the master thief, who will confront the cruellest enemies this time than ever. The chief will step inside the armour of humankind, and this time he will explore the Halo ring on a massive scale.

Here are some unique features of this game.

  • A legendary multiplayer game- The game is legendary in its genre of shooting and memorable for the generation as it is multiplayer. The all-time seasonal update released unique events and features.
  • Big team battle- The game gives you the freedom of playing endless combat possibilities by mixing and matching a wide variety of Weapons, vehicles and equipment.
  • Spartan Customization- You are free to customize your system. Also, you can earn and find some aesthetic items by playing campaigns or multiplayer.

18.TitanFall 2

 Online Games PC

Respawn Entertainment developed the game. The game has both the options of playing single-player or multiplayer. The sequel takes you to a new single-player experience that explores the bond between Pilot and Titans. The first game of this series was launched in 2016. You will get a more innovative and intense multiplayer experience with the latest plot.

Key features are here-

  • Captivating single-player story- In single-player mode, You play the character of a militia rifleman stranded behind enemy lines. And he encounters a veteran vanguard class titan. They two mutually agree to make the mission complete.
  • A same-level multiplayer game- Yes, the game gives every player unique abilities, and no one can be declared less than anyone—just experience fast-paced, first-person experience to the next level with more characters in the story.


 Online Games PC

Valorant is a Hero shooter game that can be called a mix of “Overwatch” and “CS: GO”. Valorant is an FPS player game. And It gives an intense and competitive shooter experience. Each and every character in the game is different from others in terms of abilities and skills. The game has a mode of esport, and it makes you set a great target. For Windows, the game is free to explore.

The key features are here.

  • Defy the limits- You need to blend your experience and shooting style on a global, competitive stage. You will get 13 rounds to attack and defend your side.
  • Your Agent- To be the winner in the game, weapons like guns and bullets are just your associate. You will have to find a perfect agent with Adaptive, swift and lethal abilities.

20.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

 Online Games PC

Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment developed the game. The game is team-based action gameplay. It is a pioneer in the multiplayer-shooting game world, as the first part of this game was launched 19 years ago. With new features, maps, characters, and game modes, It is modernized and has become a pioneer again. The game is so addictive that it will be hard to keep it away after you start playing it once. It is a game only pro players can learn to play soon. If you are new to this game genre, you will find it quite challenging to play. But Play it for the most ICONIC SHOOTER experience.

(Note- The game may contain some racial and abusive words, including the bigotry against Spanish and Russians. So please do not let it make you racist. It is just a game, and I hope that it does not promote any kind of racism in its future versions)

21.Escape from Tarkov

 Online Games PC

Escape from Tarkov is one of the most realistic and cinematic FPS games with an RPG simulator, MMO features, and a story-driven walkthrough. According to the story, the Norvinsk region is getting more complicated day by day. It happened because of constant warfare in Tarkov that led to the city’s people fleeing away. But some people are still there in the hope of the day when everything will return to normal. But accepting the reality of the savage Tarkov locals, “scavs” joins the well-armed gangs and start revisioning the city.

The game has numerous features that I can not describe here. But some of the excellent key features are here-

  • A story-driven multiplayer game Mode- The game has a very tight script that completes when you and your friends play their roles very well. The city is well designed and takes your imagination to an imaginary real world.
  • The live experience is immense- The system module HECS- Hazardous Environment Combat Simulator makes your experience unforgettable. You can feel your character through health and physical characteristics.
  • Feel the weapon- Not only can you feel your character, but you can also feel the weapon as it is in your real life.

Sports Games

22.FIFA 22

 Online Games PC

Football players! The game is for you. EA sports developed the game. FIFA 22 is the new season of football combat. You can play this game with more than 17 thousand players worldwide and more than 700 teams in 90+ stadiums. There are more than 30 leagues in the world. You can live as a manager and a player with career mode. You can create your club and design your kits. The latest version is back with FIFA Ultimate Team, which is the most popular mode in the whole FIFA series. So, just build your squad and get rewarded for your skill on the ball. Get a chance to meet with some of the most memorable FUT players.

23.Super Mega Baseball 3

 Online Games PC

Metalhead Software Inc. developed this game for baseball lovers. The game is season 3 of the very prominent Super Mega Baseball series. The Super Mega baseball series is for all, with both the options of playing it online and offline. The newly added online mode upgraded its Online league mode and improved graphics. The new versions revamped the UI and a good quantity of audio, team/character content and stadiums like the original one.

The game demands your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and your enhanced baseball instincts. You can create a cross-platform league with your friend with the new features. You can also compete online and win rewards.

24.Fire Pro Wrestling World

 Online Games PC

Spike Chunsoft Co develops the game. The game is one of the best wrestling sport video games in the world, Although, The game is in 2D Graphics. But the scenes are very clear. You can customize almost every aspect of the match. Feature of Playing online helps you to set battles with any player around the world. You are now free to mix up the rules and can customize your favourite wrestler for unlimited time. With a robust CPU logic system, you can feel the realistic simulation. Your player will play to the crowd, or he will play dirty. These all depend on what drama you provide to your wrestler.

25.Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

 Online Games PC

This game is a recreation of two iconic games released in 1990 and 2000. If you have played any skateboarding game ever, You will find this game best. The game is full of thrills and based on combo action. The game can be called “The most original form of the video game”. And the game can be the best option for those who got bored of games full of blood-pumping, heart-nodding punk. The game has an epic place in the sports games arena.

26.Match Point- Tennis Championship

 Online Games PC

Torus Games developed this game. As a new season, the game launched with upgraded features. The new game provides you with “The Deep Career Mode”, which features a unique ranking system. You can create your 3D tennis star and customize it with all the accessories you want. You can decide whether your player will be left-handed or right-handed. Or will they play single-handedly, or will they play with both hands? The game, in other terms, is an original form of tennis without adding extra fantasy; the game is a milestone in Tennis esport.


 Online Games PC

If you like skateboarding and have played all the video games on Skateboarding, Why don’t you try Ice Skateboarding this time? Shredders are the answer for you. FoamPunch developed this sports game for ice boarding lovers. The game starts with a theme where you and your friends record snowboarding videos at the Frozen Wood resort. And somehow, with the help of Lissa- the brand ambassador, you get a chance to participate in the league. The landscape and beautiful environment of the game will make you forget about the summer and heat outside. Just start playing the game and feel a different experience this time.

28.Riders Republic

 Online Games PC

This multiplayer playground allows you and your friends to participate in races. All these races are of different types, including bike, ski, snowboarding, wingsuit, etc. The game is a world where you are free to set and break the rules. You can battle against 50 players simultaneously in this massive playground. You are also free to customize your character to show off your style to your friends.

Real-Time Strategy Games

29.Age of Empires IV

 Online Games PC

The game will take you back to history when essential battles were fought that formed the present world. You would be the centre of all epics. And it is up to you to choose your path to greatness to create history. With beta game mode, you can customize your game format between single-player or multiplayer game modes. In PVP and PVE multiplayer modes, you can play with your seven friends.

30.Driftland: The Magic Revival

 Online Games PC

The fantasy of this game runs around a devastating war between ancient mages and powerful spells that shattered the planet of Driftland. You would play the role of a powerful mage that can move and connect the floating lands. And You are the one who can restore the Driftland and develop a mighty empire. Enjoy the spells and strategies fusion in this game.

31.Supreme Commander

 Online Games PC

Gas powered games developed the game. The game’s theme is about an infinite war that has been running between three opposing forces for a thousand years. No party wants to compromise with their benefits. After struggling for centuries, the battle for supremacy has reached a turning point. You will have to regain the supremacy of your faction under your strategic command and leadership. While regaining your faction, you need to lead the enemies into Hell and extinct them.

32.Crusader Kings III

 Online Games PC

Paradox development studio developed the game. The game is full of Love, fight and schemes. You will determine the noble house’s legacy with a sprawling strategy, and you will guide and enlarge the destiny of your bloodline. The game took you to the world of the middle age when wars were the inseparable part of a generation. The strategy you need in this game is not only to win a war But to establish your reign, and you will have to be an expert in your diplomatic skill and master your realm. The game will feature widely accepted marriages for diplomatic ties and dramatic scenes of the medieval era.

33.XCOM 2

 Online Games PC

Firaxis Games and Feral Interactive games developed the game. XCOM 2 is the sequel of XCOM, which was released in 2012. And the first part of the series was award-winning. This time, Earth is no more like now. It is now ruled by aliens. To make a renaissance on the Earth and reclaim the rule, you need to rebuild XCOM. And so, you need to recruit the best resistant fighters.

34.Desperados III

 Online Games PC

Mimimi games developed this. The game is also a story-driven game which is a hardcore tactical game in a wild wealth scenario. The particular skill of your team, in which you can add up to 5 players, will define your edge over the enemy. You will get countless problems but with countless ways to overcome all obstacles. You can adjust the game according to your playstyle with various difficulty settings. Also, the showdown mode will give you the freedom to pause your game at any time.


 Online Games PC

The game is developed by Paradox development studio. This time the strategy game will take you to a universe full of mystery and danger. This game will make you interact with aliens and give you the thrill of exploring the new world in the universe. And while doing so, you will encounter unexpected events and expand the reach of your environment. The universe has unlimited possibilities, which can either cherish or destroy you. The game will begin with a civilization that was discovered when travelling between stars. In short, we can say that the game will give you a new feel. If you get bored playing similar kinds of games, try it once, and you will not regret it.

So, friends, the list is over here!

I selected the most favourite genre of video games. The games I suggested you play are the icons of their genre. Some of the games here are a mix of more than two genres. GTA is a mix of action, adventure, shooting, theft, and strategy. But before deciding on playing any game, Just consider if it is for your age or not. There may be some violent, sex and blood-related scenes. Sometimes, there may be racial or bigoted comments or scenes. Do not play those games if you’re underage. And If you are an adult, Do not set your mindset according to any biasedness of the game developer.

These were some pieces of advice for the good of you from your “TechiBrother”. Also, if you want a long list of different genres of video games, Just search the topic in the search bar. And you will get more games under the same categories.

The list provided here has only seven games under a specific five genre. There is countless genre of PC video games that I could not even touch in this article. And these may be a favourite of you. If you want more articles on the following popular genres, write them to me in the comment box below. Or if you want more games in a specific genre, you can write them too. I promise I will try to solve your query in my next article.

There are more game genres, as I discussed in many previous articles. I provided you with a long list of the best games with respect to their genres. And their subgenre. You can explore the website to explore them.

I hope that you have found your favourite genre of video games. Now go to the link given below and start playing the game.

I will also go and prepare a new article for you.

Till then, TATA and bye-bye.

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